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1 Core vCPU

40 GB SSD Disk

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Shared Bandwidth

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Malaysia IP

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2 Cores vCPU

60 GB SSD Disk

Monthly Reset
Shared Bandwidth

VPS Control Panel

Malaysia IP

SAVE 40%



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4 Cores vCPU

100 GB SSD Disk

Monthly Reset
Shared Bandwidth

VPS Control Panel

Malaysia IP

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8 Cores vCPU

200 GB SSD Disk

Monthly Reset
Shared Bandwidth

VPS Control Panel

Malaysia IP

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RAID 10 Technology & SSD

The powerful combo of RAID 10 & SSD will sweep you off your feet. It’s blazing fast. It’s reliable. It’s exceptional.

Flexible Configuration

With full root access, you can configure and customize your VPS environment without any restrictions.

Point-To-Point Connection

With our Low Latency Premium Network, you can execute any commands at light speed. 

Run Heavy Applications

Meet heavy demands easily with Linux KVM VPS. It gives you resources on par with a dedicated server to work with.

VPS Control Panel

Boot, reboot, reinstall OS or shutdown your Linux VPS easily with our user-friendly VPS Control Panel.

Fortified Data Security

Get full-on support & protection from our Server Experts. They monitor and protect your server 24/7/365.

Optimized Routing & Networking

Latency Test

Know Your Ping Test

The Ping command allows you to test the connection speed between you and VPS Malaysia's network.

Source: Ping test result from Kuala Lumpur to VPS Malaysia Data Center @ Cyberjaya CX2

Ping Test Result by VPS Malaysia

Cutting-Edged Server Technology

Boosted Performance

Dual E5-2680 v4

Average CPU Mark

Dual E5-2660

Average CPU Mark

CPU Performance

Our SSD VPS lineup features the all-new Dual Intel XEON E5-2680 v4 with 28 cores, 56 threads and a 3.3 GHz processor. This microchip packs a serious punch with the powerful Hyper-threading technology. Running applications or software is a breeze with our SSD VPS.

Source: cpubenchmark.net

Highest Frequency RAM

A powerful VPS needs to be able to withstand the stresses of running multiple applications at once. So we only use the highest frequency ECC REG RAM to achieve low latency and complex calculations at light speed. Performance is about 7% faster.

Source: memorybenchmark.net

Highest Frequency 2141
7% Faster
Lowest Frequency 2003
48 %

Low Latency

Uptime Performance


Our uptime guarantee is no-joke. All thanks to Cisco Top Range Network. Backed by battery and A/B power strip, we keep our record-high uptime at 99.975%.

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Our professional customer service team is always on-the-go to help solve your problems, no matter big or small.

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VPS Malaysia offers affordable hosting solutions without burning a hole in your pockets. In fact, our price is the lowest in the market!

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Fast Ticketing

Solve all your problems quickly and effectively with the help of our VPS Expert Support. We keep our record at solving every tickets within 1 hour.


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We are the Malaysia's #1 host with the most reliable uptime, keeping an all-time high record of 99.975% constant uptim


Speed, Security & Reliability

We value speed, security, & reliability. Through them, we can provide excellent customer service and maintain 100% customer satisfaction!

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Top Web Hosting Company linux kvm vps

Top Web Hosting Company in Malaysia

We are honoured to be featured as “Top Web Hosting Company” by GoodFrims, a professional full-fledged research and review platform.


Price Per Month
VPS Management Recommended
1 Dedicated IP

CentOS 7 64bit minimal
Debian 12 64bit Minimal
Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS 64bit Minimal
CentOS 8 64bit Minimal
Debian 12 64bit Minimal
Ubuntu Server 20.04 64bit Minimal
Almalinux 8 64bit Minimal
Debian 12 64bit Minimal
Ubuntu Server 22.04 64bit Minimal

KVM, in short for Kernel-based Virtual Machine, is a super effective hypervisor-powered virtualization technology developed specifically for Linux VPS.

Yes, we do. Each of these Linux KVM VPS Hosting Plans is backed with Enterprise Grade SSD.

No. Unfortunately, we do not offer free backup service. However, you can purchase an add-on Fully Managed Off-Server Backup (R1Soft).

We deploy the RAID 10 technology, which is has the best performance of all RAID systems. High performance comes with a hefty price. But, we are always reminded that your satisfaction is our top priority.

Of course! You have full control over your very own server.

Absolutely. With the unlimited instant OS reinstall feature, you can reload a new OS anytime you want!

Yes. However, you need to set up and manage the control panel. Linux VPS doesn’t come with Website Control Panel such as Webmin, cPanel, Kloxo, and so on. If you’re unsure of how this works, just grab the Management Service add-on for only RM100 per month.

No. Linux KVM VPS doesn’t come with a GUI. If you need one, find your options here: Linux VPS Hosting – GUI

You can install and run any software or application you desired.

Servers are located at CX2 Data Center, Malaysia. Our IPs are located in Malaysia.

Yes, you can. You can upgrade your plan anytime without worrying about data loss or downtime.

We accept Online Banking, E-Wallet, PayPal, Bitcoin & Altcoins, Credit Card and Manual Bank Transfer.

VPS Malaysia offers a 30-day money back guarantee without conditions. If you are not satisfied with our service, you can request for a refund within 30 days after signing up. The only exception of not granting a refund request is when the user has done prohibited activities including hacking, spamming, and other activities against our terms of service.

Yes, we do. Have a look at our Linux VPS plans.

Yes. Check out our Windows VPS plans.


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