IMPORTANT! Update Your PayPal Subscription

Attention to our customers who subscribe with PayPal Subscription: Malaysian Prime Minister has implemented Sales and Services Tax (SST) 6% starting from 01 November 2018. All our services are charged with 6% of SST. Thus, you will have to cancel your current PayPal Subscription as the amount is not sufficient to pay the total invoice amount ... Read More »

19th Dec 2018
ANNOUNCEMENT: 6% SST starting on 1st November 2018

Starting 1st November 2018, all our products will be charged with a 6% service tax. Save up to 30% to 65% + 6% SST when you renew your billing period to annually before 1st November!

Submit your ticket to our Billing Department. We'll help you renew or change your annual billing service period.


12th Oct 2018