Change DNS Settings On Linux

If the Domain Name Server(DNS) of your Linux VPS/server is misconfigured or you have a preferred DNS to use, article below will guide you on how to change the DNS settings for your Linux VPS.


Add nameservers to the Configuration File


Step 1

Open the DNS configuration file defined in /etc/resolv.conf with your preferred text editor. For example.

"vi /etc/resolv.conf"


"nano /etc/resolv.conf"  if you prefer using nano text editor


You will be greeted with screen as attached below:


Step 2

Replaced Default DNS and to your preferred DNS IP. 

For DNS Location In Malaysia, you can refer to :

For users using vi editor, press "i" or "INS" to start editing the file. Once done, press "Esc" followed with ":wq" to save and exit.



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