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A Cloud Server is a virtual server that runs in a cloud computing enviroment and unlimited users can access it. Like physical server, it performs many functions like storing data and running applications.

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Remarkable Cloud Server Pricing & Hosting Solutions

Powered by RAID 10 SSD, Optimised for Performance

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Forex VPS

Enjoy a smooth-performing Forex VPS and get leverage by hosting your trading platform with us.

Windows VPS

Operate softwares and Windows programs like a dream with our flawless Windows VPS.

Linux VPS

Run the Linux Operating System (OS) smoothly without interruption.


Our KVM VPS offers a unique, seamless, and reliable hosting experience.

cPanel VPS

Managing your cloud server infrastructure is now easier than ever with our powerful VPS.        

Minecraft VPS

Host your Minecraft game server with our powerful Pre-installed Minecraft Vanilla Server. 

Dedicated Server

An entire server to your own to enjoy more resources, better performance.

Groundbreaking Virtualization Technology

Merits of Our Cloud Server Hosting

Reliable Hardware

Backed by highly progressive RAID 10 SSD, users get advanced, secure, and reliable cloud server hosting.

Dedicated Resources

Enjoy the significant traffic and run applications smoothly with dedicated resources just for you.

100% Root Access

Revel in the comfort of having complete control over settings and features.

Optimizing Forex Trading

Guided by the principles of Forex VPS, optimizing trading with cloud servers ensures enhanced speed, reliability, and scalability for uninterrupted access and improved performance globally.

Exceptional Management

Accelerate your businesses with cloud server hosting supervised by trained professionals working tirelessly to provide an optimal experience.

Unparalleled Security

Kick back and relax knowing your data is in safe hands and completely protected from malware and hackers.

Operating System

(Windows & Linux)

The most premium and affordable cloud server hosting accommodates Windows, Linux applications, and softwares.

Unmatched Speed and Maximum Productivity

The Most Exemplary Cloud Server Hosting Services


VPS Malaysia's CPUs


Industry-Standard CPUs

Boosted CPU Speed and Performance

We aim to ensure our client's satisfaction by providing them with the best cloud server hosting in Malaysia. By installing our top-notch CPUs, you can operate applications at an enhanced speed and at reasonable prices.

Source: cpubenchmark.net

Lightening Fast Ram

Our ECC REG RAM comes forward as a strong contender by providing 30x speed. Therefore, it enables you to have a seamless experience. From unlimited traffic to enhanced uptime, we have figured it all out for you.

Source: memorybenchmark.net

VPS Malaysia's RAM
30% Faster
Industry-Standard RAM

Trusted Google Review

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The Cloud Server Hosting You Can Rely On

We Guarantee


Unlimited Traffic

We never back down on our commitment and provide unlimited traffic at all times. We don't believe in jeopardising your business for the sake of hoarding more clients.


Constant Uptime

Make the best out of 99.975% uptime and operate as many applications as you need without worrying about system lagging.

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Unambiguity in Prices

We believe transparency is highly crucial when it comes to establishing strong relationships with our clients. With us, you don't have to pay any hidden charges whatsoever.

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Immediate Support

Our dynamic support team has got you covered at all times. Our experts offer prompt assistance. Therefore, you can run your system without any hassle.

10,000+ People and Businesses believe that VPS Malaysia is the best among thousands of cloud server providers

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