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SAVE 30%



1 Core vCPU

Suggested value, depends on real usage.

Unlimited Slots

Vanilla Server / PaperMC Server

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Malaysia IP

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2 Cores vCPU

Suggested value, depends on real usage.

Unlimited Slots

Vanilla Server / PaperMC Server

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Malaysia IP

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3 Cores vCPU

Suggested value, depends on real usage.

Unlimited Slots

Vanilla Server / PaperMC Server

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Malaysia IP

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4 Cores vCPU

Suggested value, depends on real usage.

Unlimited Slots

Vanilla Server / PaperMC Server

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Malaysia IP

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Minecraft VPS Hosting Features

Easy Setup

Easily set up your Minecraft VPS in under 30 seconds with our user-friendly panel. Our vanilla servers come pre-installed, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Ease of Scaling

Experience the thrill of multiplayer Minecraft and seamlessly scale up with our data-safe transition process.

Ultra-Low Latency

Experience lag-free gaming on our high-speed servers. With our Minecraft VPS, latency is never an issue, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay anytime, anywhere!

Worldwide Access

Access our Minecraft VPS from anywhere in the world, ensuring seamless connectivity and gameplay across continents.

Always Online

Count on our Minecraft VPS for uninterrupted service, backed by dedicated support staff ready to assist with any issue, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Manage User Access Easily

From selecting preferred players to establishing rules, enjoy limitless customization options for seamless team management.

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We Provide The Best Minecraft Server Hosting Features

Minecraft server hosting provides a platform for gamers to create and customize their virtual worlds within the popular game. It offers a dedicated server, ensuring stable performance and seamless multiplayer experiences for players worldwide.


Pre-installed Vanilla or PaperMC Server

VPS Malaysia provides a VPS that comes pre-installed with the Vanilla Minecraft Server or PaperMC Server so you don’t have to do the hard work.

The VPS also comes with an integrated server console which makes it easier for the admin to run commands and troubleshoot problems! More, Paper is compatible with Spigot and Bukkit plugins.

Create and Enforce Your Own Rules

The live console of your Minecraft VPS empowers you to run commands directly from it. With this control, you can create and enforce your own custom rules on the server. This feature ensures that players maintain order, and the admin retains the authority to punish those who don’t comply with the rules, including the option to ban them.

Unlimited Mods and Plugins

Go crazy with mods and plugins, add as many as you want with ease on your Minecraft VPS server. The VPS panel allows a seamless installation process!

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High-Performance VPS

We understand the importance of high-performance servers, especially when it comes to gaming. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that our VPS nodes, including our cutting-edge Minecraft VPS solutions, run at optimal speed. Our VPS Host Nodes, equipped with SSDs, boast the latest Dual Intel XEON E5 CPU and utilize hyper-threading technology, making them exceptionally powerful and the perfect choice for your Minecraft gaming experience!

Dedicated IP Address

Having a dedicated IP address is crucial for any Minecraft VPS server. It not only enhances your server’s professionalism but also boosts its online visibility. Our servers, located in Malaysia, offer the added advantage of minimal latency, ensuring a smooth gaming experience for all players.

Blazing Fast Speeds

With 100 Mbps bandwidth and ultra-low latency, you can say your goodbyes to the days when you couldn’t play properly due to a bad network. Our servers have been optimized to provide the fastest performance possible, so don’t limit yourself when playing on your Minecraft VPS.

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Speed, Security & Reliability

We value speed, security, & reliability, especially in the context of Minecraft VPS hosting. Through these core principles, we can provide excellent customer service and maintain 100% customer satisfaction.


99.9% Uptime

You no longer have to suffer from profit losses. We guarantee you an unbeatable 99.976% proven Minecraft VPS uptime. Try it to believe it.

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Best Price Guarantee

Quality and affordable hosting is now made possible for you, especially in the realm of Minecraft VPS. We guarantee you the best price-for-value hosting in Malaysia.

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Fast Ticketing

Solve all your problems related to Minecraft VPS quickly and effectively with the help of our VPS Experts. We keep our record of solving every Minecraft VPS ticket within 1 hour.

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Price Per Month
VPS Management Recommended
1 Dedicated IP

Vanilla Server OS
Windows Server 2016 64bit (For Plus plan & above)
Ubuntu Server v20 64bit
PaperMC Server OS
Ubuntu Server v20 64bit

A VPS acts as a server by mimicking a dedicated server environment within a shared server. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a dedicated server without leaving a dent in your wallet. For games like Minecraft, a VPS is a perfect alternative to a dedicated server!

Minecraft Java Edition is a version of the popular sandbox game, Minecraft, designed for desktop and laptop computers. It allows players to build and explore virtual worlds using blocks. This edition supports modding, offering a vast array of customizations that can alter gameplay. The Java Edition also includes features for map makers and pack creators, such as macro functions and pack overlays. It’s continually updated, with recent versions improving aspects like networking performance for smoother online play.

The amount of RAM (memory) allocated to a Minecraft server can vary depending on the hosting plan or configuration. For smaller servers with limited player capacity, a minimum of 1GB RAM may suffice. However, larger servers or those with heavy mod usage may require 2GB, 4GB, or even more RAM to ensure smooth gameplay and performance. Ultimately, the optimal amount of RAM depends on factors like the number of players, mods, plugins, and world size.

Servers are located at CX2 Data Center, Malaysia. Our IPs are located in Malaysia.

Yes. You can get a higher plan of Minecraft VPS in the future. Don’t worry about possible data loss or downtime as our Windows VPS hosting upgrade is always smooth and seamless.

We do accept Online Banking, E-Wallet, PayPal, Bitcoin & Altcoins, Credit Card and Manual Bank Transfer. For more information, click here.

VPS in Minecraft stands for Virtual Private Server. It’s a hosting service that allows players to run their own Minecraft server remotely. VPS offers dedicated resources and flexibility for managing gameplay, mods, and multiplayer experiences.

We offer you the priviledge of 30 days money-back guarantee with no questions asked. In case you are not satisfied with our service, you can request a full refund within 30 days after signing up. Read our Terms for further understanding.

Yes, we utilize RAID 10 Technology in our Minecraft VPS hosting to ensure the highest level of data redundancy, performance, and reliability for your gaming experience.

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee