Why VPS Malaysia

Great Reputation

Because of our diligence in keeping the kind of quality each client wants, we have been successful in keeping their trust and loyalty. This has cemented our reputation in Malaysia and across the globe.

Excellent Hardware Solutions

We use the most advanced technologies in setting up our VPS hardware. Our tools meet the industry standards, and you no longer have to independently deal with all the technicalities. Just focus on the bigger things. VPS Malaysia got this covered.

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Thorough Research & Development

The VPS hosting industry has so much potential, and everything can still get better. To achieve the best version of what we do, our research and development team is set to unceasingly find ways to innovate and revolutionize.

Solid Stress Test and Benchmark Servers

VPS Malaysia uses the best approach in stress testing and benchmarking servers. We stress test regularly before using our servers. This makes the whole process failsafe and effective, giving you the kind of results you have come to look for.

Constant Servers Monitoring

We monitor server performance closely to avoid unwanted setbacks. Our monitoring tools and our brilliant team know how to get rid of server problems and know how to fix unexpected lapses quickly. We will protect your business with our all.

Good Servers Optimization

The last thing we want is hampering your productivity. Thus, we make sure that we get rid of frequent downtime. We optimize servers to boost efficiency and minimize downtime. Our monitoring and system management tools are up to the mark.

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