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1 Core vCPU

25 GB SSD Disk

Monthly Reset
Shared Bandwidth

VPS Control Panel

Malaysia IP

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2 Cores vCPU

50 GB SSD Disk

Monthly Reset
Shared Bandwidth

VPS Control Panel

Malaysia IP

SAVE 40%



T&C Apply

4 Cores vCPU

100 GB SSD Disk

Monthly Reset
Shared Bandwidth

VPS Control Panel

Malaysia IP

SAVE 35%



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8 Cores vCPU

200 GB SSD Disk

Monthly Reset
Shared Bandwidth

VPS Control Panel

Malaysia IP

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1 cPanel License, and your website is forever changed!

  • cPanel Cloud Admin (1-5 Accounts)
    Tailored for the savvy freelancer & solopreneur, and the cPanel enthusiast too!
  • cPanel Cloud Pro (6-30 Accounts)
    Ideal for small & mid-level businesses, application developers, and web designers.
  • cPanel Cloud Plus (31- 50 Accounts)
    Allows for scalability. Mid-level businesses and large agencies love this!
  • cPanel Cloud Premier (51-100 Accounts)
    Enterprise level businesses, and large web hosts, this is specially made for you!

Why is cPanel VPS so cool?

The Awesome Perks of cPanel VPS

Optimal Site Performance

Enjoy optimal site performance. cPanel VPS lets you use your resources most efficiently.

Lightning Speed

Software lag is cancelled. Our cPanel VPS hardware is designed to run cPanel with the fastest speed!

Toolbox of Many Tools

Site templates, a powerful script installer, site development tools, & so many more it has to offer!

Flexible + Eveready

Full root access allows you to add new domains, subdomains, CMS, and email accounts anytime!

Easy Site Backups

Easily manage site backups and file downloads. Web crashes can’t take away your data now.

Enhanced Data Security + SEO

cPanel VPS can generate an SSL to protect your visitors’ data and up your SEO rank.

CPANEL Pre-installed

We’ve installed cPanel in the VPS beforehand for you. That way, you don’t have to go through the tedious installation process (ugh), and you can focus on building your success!

but wait… there’s more to cPanel VPS!

Say hi to cPanel & WHM

cpanel dashboard cpanel vps

All the Juicy Details of cPanel

cPanel is the most highly acclaimed Linux-based control panel that marks the industry standard. cPanel allows quick account configuration, performs server backups, assists in file management, provides account security, and more!

Easily access multiple communication podiums and settings. Additional features include flexibility of creating email accounts, deleting emails, email messaging, email filtering & filter creation, email forwarding, automatic spam blocking and many more.

This feature lets you organize all the information on your website, making file management a hassle-free process. Extensions to this feature include multiple domains, a formation of subdomains, file backups, disk space data, FTP server entry rights and more.

Domain management has never been so easy and quick with this feature. The key advantages of this feature is that adding domains, subdomains, and parked domains can be done with smooth management of redirecting command.

This lovable feature enables users to control blogs, online chats, shopping carts, forums, and many more. Some scripts included are cpbackup, setupftpserver, suspendacct, restorepkg, delpop, and restartsrv.

cPanel allows you to generate an SSL to protect your visitors’ data from those pesky cyber criminals to establish website credibility and rank above competitors in search engines results.


whm dashboard cpanel vps

WHM. What am I?

WHM stands for Web Host Manager, a control dashboard that works amazingly with cPanel VPS, allowing users to manage multiple cPanel-based sites. This makes it the perfect tool for reselling hosting so you can make some money for your honey!

WHM allows you to add multiple cPanel accounts as your customer base grows. Additionally, if any of your customers violates the agreement or their account is expired, you can delete or suspend it with just a click of a button.

You are in full control of your server and all activity can be easily tracked on WHM. The Process Manager registers all running processes in the server, the Service Manager allows the web host to manage services and their background activities, and finally, the Current Disk Usage feature informs you about remaining storage and what it is used for.

Customer created their website in another place? Fret not! With this WHM feature, it is possible to transfer files from the remote server to your hosting.


The cPHulk feature allows you to activate protection of all domains from cyber attacks by limiting access that forces its way into the cPanel.

Automatic regular backups can be performed on a single or all accounts on your server. The data will be uploaded to remote storages such as Google Drive. This eliminates the hassle of manual backups and ensures that there is always a backup for your sites.

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Price Per Month
VPS Management Recommended
cPanel Configuration
1 Dedicated IP

CentOS 7 64bit minimal

cPanel VPS Hosting is basically Linux web hosting which includes the installation of cPanel. It is a resource manager that optimizes your site to run at the way you need it to without experiencing a drop in traffic or performance. This allows you to use your resources efficiently while obtaining peak site performance.

A prorated billing cycle will be applied for your cPanel VPS. For example, if you sign up on the 17th October, your billing cycle will end on the 30th November with a prorated amount.

A RM100 one time fee will be charged. No subsequent payments are required.

Yup, we absolutely do! Each of our plans is backed with the Enterprise Grade SSD.

Totally! You are the boss and you are in total control of your own server.

You can install and run any software or application you desired.

Servers are located at CX2 Data Center, Malaysia. Our IPs are located in Malaysia.

The answer is yes! You can upgrade your plan anytime without having to worry about data loss or site downtime.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with absolutely no strings attached. In the event that you are not happy with the service, you can request for a cancellation within 30 days after signing up. We will then refund your full setup fees and monthly cost. However, there are cases when we will not refund the fees such as when the user has done prohibited activities such as hacking, spamming, and other acts against our terms of service. The cPanel license fee is not refundable.

We accept Online Banking, E-Wallet, PayPal, Bitcoin & Altcoins, Credit Card and Manual Bank Transfer.

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