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With a track record of 10,000+ satisfied clients and counting, VPS Malaysia offers the best VPS hosting you’ll ever find.

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Powered by RAID 10 SSD, Optimized for Performance

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Forex VPS

Never make a Forex trade the same way again. Experience the power of Forex VPS.

Windows VPS

Run Windows applications and software seamlessly with our Windows VPS!

Linux VPS

We also cater for Linux users. Learn about the amazing benefits of our Linux VPS!


Our KVM VPS that offers a greater degree of isolation for better performance and security.

cPanel VPS

Easily manage site backups, files, domains, and email accounts for your website with cPanel VPS.

Minecraft VPS

Specifically designed for Minecraft gamers with Pre-installed Minecraft Vanilla Server. 

Groundbreaking Virtualization Technology

Benefits of The Best VPS Hosting

Robust Hardware

Enjoy a high-performance VPS powered by the cutting-edge RAID 10 SSD used in our physical servers.

Dedicated Resources

Leverage the resources dedicated just for you. Enjoy unlimited traffic and run applications smoothly.

Full Root Access

Enjoy full control of your VPS server with our comprehensive guide to VPS, empowering you to tailor performance to your needs.

Flexible Scalability

Alter the amount of resources allocated to your VPS anytime without downtime or data loss.

24/7 Server Monitoring

Our experts monitor your VPS 24/7/365 to ensure optimal performance and security.

Optimal Data Security

Have peace of mind that your data is always secure from malicious attacks.

Operating System

Windows & Linux

The best and most affordable VPS hosting now caters for Windows and Linux applications and software.

Unrivaled Speed and Efficiency

The Best VPS Hosting Performance


VPS Malaysia's CPUs


Industry-Standard CPUs

Enhanced CPU Speed & Power

We strive to provide our clients with the best VPS hosting they can ever find by deploying the best-in-class CPUs in the market. Now, you can run applications 2.26x the speed of the industry-standard at affordable prices.

Source: cpubenchmark.net

Laser-Speed RAM

Our ECC REG RAMs beat the average RAM by a whopping 30% speed. This translates into unlimited traffic, smooth operations, 99.975% uptime, and an enjoyable VPS experience for you.

Source: memorybenchmark.net

VPS Malaysia's RAM
30% Faster
Industry-Standard RAM

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99.975% Uptime

Enjoy constant uptime 24/7 and run as many applications to your heart’s delight.

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24/7/365 VPS Support

Our experts are ready to help you 24/7/365 from the day you sign up for our VPS plan.

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Price Transparency

We observe price transparency in our trade to build a healthy relationship with our clients.


Unlimited Traffic

We never cut resources or throttle your traffic to accommodate more users on our servers.

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