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512 MB RAM

1 Core vCPU

2 GB SSD Disk

Typical Masternode uses 45 GB/month
Dedicated Bandwidth
Malaysia IP



1 Core vCPU

5 GB SSD Disk

Typical Masternode uses 45 GB per month.
Dedicated Bandwidth
Malaysia IP

*Exclusive of 6% Service Tax

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Safe and Secure Masternode Hosting.

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Root Administrator Access

You have complete control over the operating system and can exercise complete control over your VPS.

Maintaining Anonymity

Your information is completely safe with us. No one will be able to know who is running the Masternode.

Lowest Prices

With our highly affordable packages, we guarantee that you will get the lowest prices in the market with us.

Masternode Mining 24/7

To safeguard your coins, the Masternode will run on Linux cold wallet 24×7. Your hot wallet will not be exposed on the internet.

Flexible Subscription Plans

You are not bound to any fixed contracts. Enjoy the services for as long as you want, and you are free to unsubscribe anytime you want.

Quality Servers and Fast Deployment

With best quality hardware sourced from the top vendors such as Dell, Intel, and Cisco, you are guaranteed best performance only.
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Round The Clock Customer Support

Our team works round the clock for your assistance.

Support for Multiple Coins

Our platform extends hosting support for more than 55 different cryptocurrencies and coins that are being traded in the market. We are continually extending our hosting support for new coin launches to make sure that you have a hassle-free Masternode VPS hosting experience with us.


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Expensive is not always better. VPS Malaysia offers you premium quality hosting solutions and services at an affordable price.


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Offering you a seamless service, we set-up your service instantly. Monitor your wallet and make secure transactions with us.


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Our motto is simple: 100% customer satisfaction. Getting there means promising you unparalleled speed, security and reliability.


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Stay connected with your wallet 24×7, view and review your transactions. Budget your investments and invest securely!

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"Cheapest VPS hosting service available in Malaysia. Support team are helpful and responsive. Highly recommended. Only place to improve would be higher port bandwidth than 100Mbps shared."

Wu Chyi Woon


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Price Per Month
Live Chat Support
Phone Support
Masternode Installation and Setup
RM300/One Time

Ubuntu 14.04 64bit
Ubuntu 16.04 64bit

In simple words, Masternode can be described as a cryptocurrency full node or an online wallet that stores the full copy of coins in real time. It is a type of savings account that requires a minimum deposit to be made, in the form of coins of particular types. Very much like a savings account which pays interest on the deposit, a Masternode offers rewards for performing various actions using the service. A Masternode makes sure that the initial coin deposit never leaves your wallet. A Masternode performs various other functions as well: –

  • Performing transactions instantly
  • Enhancing privacy of transactions
  • Assist with budgeting and treasury system in cryptos

In order to set up a Masternode you need different IP addresses. As such the recommended solution for you is to set up a Masternode using a VPS. It also ensures that the coins stored in your hot wallet are safe from hackers. At VPS Malaysia, we follow strict security protocols to ensure enhanced protection of your coins from hackers.

Yes we do, but only limited to issues with the VPS like network down, offline, and etc. These issues rarely happen as we have nearly 0% of downtime during the past. Unfortunately, we DO NOT provide support for issues with your wallet and masternode. However, you could purchase our addon service for RM300/one time, to setup your masternode. It’s safe, as masternode don’t hold any coin. Coin will be in your local cold wallet.

Yes. You are allowed to run multiple Masternode in one VPS as there is no limit on the number of Masternode that you can run in a single VPS.

Yes. You indeed can set-up the Masternode yourself. It is recommended only if you have prior experience with the process, as it requires technical knowledge. If you want our team to handle the installation and setting-up process for you, then we extend this service for an additional charge of RM300. This charge is separate from your subscription plan and is a one-time charge only.

In order to set up your hot wallet, you can use your PC, or a Window based VPS with a working internet connection.

No. It is not possible to run specialized applications such as Forex EA, Mail server, etc. Only the necessary applications such as Google chrome are allowed on VPS. This is for security and safety purpose.

No. Hosting location doesn’t affect your masternode payout.

Absolutely no setup fee, hidden fee and contract.

Servers are located at CX2 Data Center, Malaysia.

VPS Malaysia accepts Online Banking, E-Wallet, PayPal, Bitcoin & Altcoins, Credit Card, JomPAY and Manual Bank Transfer.

Yes, you definitely can. We follow a flexible pricing policy, and you only need to pay for the services you avail and for the duration when you avail them. You are free to upgrade your plan as and when you want without any hassles.

No, we do not provide 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for Masternode VPS.

Yes, we do offer affiliate plans for our customers. You stand to earn up to 50% of the signing up fee (one-time only) paid by anyone subscribing through your referral code.

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