General FAQs

The basic information users need to get the gist of our services

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a physical server wherein you can run different services that you can use privately through VPS Malaysia’s premium network.

What is RAID?

Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) is a useful method when storing data on multiple hard disks. These disks are linked to one another so that your server’s operating system will see them as one. This enables us to protect your data and boost the overall performance of our servers. We, at VPS Malaysia, provide our Dedicated server clients with both software and hardware RAID.

Will I have Root Access?

VPS Malaysia allows root access, given that the Dedicated Server is unmanaged.

What kind of software or application can I install?

You can install and run any software or application you desired.

How often do you monitor the Data Center and servers?

We aim to give you superior and consistent VPS hosting; thus, we have on-site team to monitor our Data Center and servers 24/7, including holidays.

Where are the Dedicated Servers and IPs located?

Dedicated Servers are located at CX2 Data Center, Malaysia. Our IPs are located in Malaysia.

Can I upgrade to a higher plan in the future?

Yes, of course. You can upgrade your dedicated server anytime you want. In your control panel, you can even ‘add-on’ any extra software and hardware as well as certain features.

Who is responsible for the server hardware?

VPS Malaysia ensures that all the Data servers function well. Thus, we double check that the leased hardware components are all in good condition. If a client reports a failed component, we immediately replace them for free. Repair or replacement of Hardware will be determined upon inspection of the problem. VPS Malaysia covers repair for the Hardware component which includes the Hard Disk, Processor, Motherboard, NIC Card, RAM, and all the other hardware that goes with the leased server. Please take note that Hardware repair and replacement do not include data recovery from backup disks and tapes, as well as software reinstallation. Learn more of our Hardware Guarantee by checking out our SLA. No worries to subscribe dedicated server Malaysia from VPS Malaysia.