26 Feb 2019

A Guide On Choosing VPS Operating System (OS): Linux or Windows?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a small computer hosted in a mother server that provides you the environment to host myriads of applications. From hosting websites, hosting applications, to hosting new test environments, the uses of a VPS are countless. Here in this article we have a list of 6 popular uses of renting a VPS.

You probably have already understood the many technical terms of having a VPS, such as, what is bandwidth, RAM, CPU, or what is the difference between HDD and SSD Storage. If these terms sound strange, you should check out our guide on how to choose the most reliable VPS hosting for you. It’s important that you know and understand these technical terms, so that you are informed about your purchasing decision.

Now, the next learning milestone for you is understanding the role of an Operating System (OS) in a VPS, and the differences between Linux VPS and Windows VPS.

Let’s get started!

What is an Operating System (OS)?

According to technopedia.com, an operating system (OS) is a software that allows a user to run other applications on a computing device. If you have a laptop or a desktop PC at home, these devices most probably run on a Windows OS. While a Macbook runs on Macintosh. Laptops and PCs aside, smartphone devices also run on different OS. The two most widely used OS in today’s market are Android and iOS. VPS runs on two major OS: Linux and Windows. Let’s dive into the differences between Linux VPS and Windows VPS.  

Differences between Linux VPS and Windows VPS

In this comparison between Linux VPS and Windows VPS, we will be looking at 9 aspects:

  1. Performance
  2. Security
  3. Compatibility
  4. Server Access
  5. Control Panel
  6. Support
  7. Ease of Use
  8. Scalability
  9. Cost

1. Performance

Have you ever closed at website because the page loading speed is terribly slow? I’m sure most of us have been there. According to Kissmetrics, 47% of web visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds. If the loading process takes longer than 3 seconds, 40% of web visitors will leave the website. This statistics tells us how important it is to have a fast page loading speed. Then the big question we now ask is, is there any differences between Linux VPS and Windows VPS in terms of performance. Let’s find out.

Linux VPS

VPS running on Linux is designed specifically to be secured with Secure Shell (SSH). SSH is used to manage VPS by typing in command lines. This trait makes Linux VPS more resource efficient. When there is high loads of resources, Linux VPS doesn’t require its administrator to perform regular reboots. A lesser number of reboots would mean a higher performance, since any applications hosted on Linux VPS is not susceptible to more technical hiccups.

Windows VPS

Windows VPS are commercial products designed for common users. It uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI), that makes navigation more user-friendly. However, this comes with a downside. After every major/minor patch, and driver/software update, your Windows VPS must be rebooted, or will be rebooted automatically according to its internal schedule. Windows users most probably know this well, if you remember the scheduled computer restart following an update. The other downside of a Windows VPS is that it can be resource hungry if it is not optimized properly. This is because the Windows OS has a lot of pre-installed applications that takes up a lot of CPU power when running in background.

Conclusion: The performance of Linux VPS definitely surpasses Windows VPS.

2. Security

Cyber attacks are constantly on the rise. Common threats to a website include DDoS attacks, data breaches and malwares. Here are some facts and figures by CSOnline.com to give you a sense of how common cyber attacks are in the Internet.

  • 92% of malware is delivered by email.
  • The average ransomware attack costs a company $5 million.
  • It takes organizations an average of 191 days to identify data breaches.

Now we know the importance of cybersecurity, which of the two is more secure- Linux VPS or Windows VPS? Let’s dive into the details.

Linux VPS

An important fact that gives Linux VPS its topnotch security is that Linux is open source. There is a huge community of professional coders who could review, detect and comment on its vulnerability. This also allows the bugs and backdoors to be fixed as soon as possible. But Linux is more secure also due to the reasons that it has a smaller user base. You’ll understand the justification quickly as I explain this in the security of Windows VPS section.   

Windows VPS

According to an estimate by NetMarketShare, 88% of all computers on the Internet run on Windows OS. That is more than two third of all these computers combined! With a user base this massive, cyber criminals are constantly prying on Windows OS, trying to find a loophole within.

Conclusion: Does Operating System affects the security of your VPS? Well, the answer is yes, and no. It is not that Windows have weak protection against cyber criminals. They have been constantly upgrading and strengthening their protections against cyberattacks. But, having a massive user base, cyber criminals naturally set their sights on hacking Windows, rather than Linux. This article explains in-depth the comparisons between Linux VPS and Windows VPS in terms of security. If we have to crown only one OS, Linux VPS is much safer than Windows VPS.

3. Compatibility

Linux VPS

An open source code itself, Linux is ideal to host open source software like PHP/Perl, Java, Python, ROR, SSH, CGI, MySQL, and many more. Here is a compact list of 50 open source softwares that are compatible for Linux business users.

Windows VPS

Windows VPS runs only on Windows specific software and applications. Some examples are ASP, MySQL, C#, MS Access and others. Take a look at a list of software and applications designed for Windows by Google.

Conclusion: Most commercially available softwares that are ready to use are targeted at Windows OS. It is not surprising since Windows has a larger market share compared to Linux. However, all these commercially available softwares come at a cost. Linux softwares are open source, so they are all available for free. But either choices work well for users, so we’ll call it a tie in this section.

4. Server Access

Having server access means users have a better control over configuration of their VPS. Which one is gives more flexibility to users- Linux or Windows? Can you guess?

Linux VPS

File Transfer Protocol, or in short FTP is a convenient tool for users to upload and download files. Building a website, for example, requires FTP, because you need this tool to upload media (photos or videos) from your PC to your VPS. FTP is accessible on Linux. However, another server access that you want to have is a protection protocol, called SSH, available only on Linux.

Windows VPS

FTP that gives you the ease to move files around is also available to Windows. But, SSH is absent on Windows OS. There is one way to go around this- installing PuTTY on Windows VPS. SSH.com has put together a useful guide on how you can use PuTTY on your Windows VPS.

Conclusion: Linux VPS definitely gives users more access to the server. Although Windows VPS don’t run on SSH, there are ways to get around. Linux VPS is slightly more advantageous than Windows VPS in this section. Slightly.

5. Control Panel

Building a website is all about customization and management of different settings and features. The control panel covers this pesky job flawlessly for all of us.

Linux VPS

Control panels available for Linux are cPanel or Web Host Manager (WHM).

Windows VPS

Windows uses Plesk.

Conclusion: Whether it’s cPanel or Plesk, both interfaces are user-friendly. And again, a tie.

6. Support

Technical issues are unavoidable when it comes to VPS or any other servers. What you need is a professional support team that can assist you at an instant.

Linux VPS

Linux is backed by a huge community of professional coders. They are individuals who find examine source codes to detect and fix bugs and backdoors. However, the reliability of their support may not be the best you can find. After all, these professionals are not paid to do a 9 to 5 customer support job.

Windows VPS

Windows is an OS developed by a massive multi billion dollar company called Microsoft. The company is well backed up by a team of professional IT supports that are ready to help you solve any problems at anytime.

Conclusion: Windows, with its worldwide reputation definitely has an upper hand in this section. However, whether you choose to host a Linux VPS or a Windows VPS, our professional customer support team is ready to assist you 24/7. We want to make sure that our customers get the best hosting experience at VPS Malaysia.

7. Ease of Use

Back in the days, we always hear, “Whether it’s easy to use or not, it all depends on your technical knowledge.” However, this might not apply entirely today. Advancements and improvements have been made over the years. Let’s take a look.

Linux VPS

Command lines- this used to be the enemy of all basic users. But looking at how GUI is now available to Linux OS today, it no longer applies any truths. Lifewire frames the usefulness of GUI and command lines in different situations perfectly in this article. In fact, cPanel that Linux uses is one of the most popular hosting management tool.

Windows VPS

Windows brags its intuitive GUI as a highlighted selling point, which makes it very friendly to use for any users.

Conclusion: If you are a knowledge-seeker and you don’t mind Googling up some information on how to use Linux, Linux VPS could be a choice. However, if you think that learning is too troublesome, and since you are already very familiar to Windows, then Windows is the perfect choice for you.

8. Scalability

Scalability is the server capability to handle increased workload and demand without decreased performance, as explained by technopedia.com.

Linux VPS

There are two main Linux VPS options in today’s market: Linux OpenVZ VPS and Linux KVM VPS. Both can be easily upgraded (this can be done via your control panel) to handle an increased workload. However, only Linux OpenVZ VPS can be downgraded, when required. Linux OpenVZ VPS also doesn’t require users to reboot their VPS after upgrade installations. 

Windows VPS

Windows VPS can be scaled up, but not scaled down. Changes only take effect after users reboot their server following upgrade installations. 

Conclusion: You should consider your personal application of having a VPS. If you’re expecting an increase of server workload to follow after a period of time, both Linux VPS and Windows VPS are suitable. Increased server workload usually happens when your VPS hosts more applications, such as test environments, games, or when your website receives a lot of traffic. However, the advantage of a Linux OpenVZ VPS is that you are ready to downgrade anytime, and your VPS does not require rebooting. The inability to downgrade and having to reboot are downsides to Linux KVM VPS and Windows VPS.

9. Cost

Cost is a primary concern for many users. Businesses want to save costs. Individuals want to save money so they can plan for trips. Nevertheless, we all want to save costs. Which one is more affordable? It’s pretty obvious, at this point, isn’t it?

Linux VPS

An open source platform itself, Linux has significantly lower costs. Linux OS doesn’t require you to pay a license fee every year. Most Linux software and applications are free to use too- all thanks to the generous developers.

Windows VPS

Windows is a commercial product by Microsoft, so naturally users have to pay a licensing fee. Our Windows VPS plans include Windows licensing fee. 

Conclusion: If you don’t mind paying a little extra for familiarity, then Windows VPS is the right choice. If you cringe at the knowledge of having to pay extra every month, you should go for a Linux VPS.

Linux VPS has its advantages in terms of performance, security, cost and server access. On the other hand, Windows is more advantageous in the aspects of support and ease of use. Looking at this, Linux VPS surely has scored more points compared to Windows VPS. However, there is one important thing that you must consider- programming language. Linux and Windows both use very different languages.

The Choice Is In Your Hands

While you’re still deciding on which OS to use, have a look at our Linux KVM VPS Plans, Linux Open VZ VPS Plans, and Windows VPS Plans. With less than RM2 per day, you get to enjoy a full fledged, professional VPS hosting experience.

Why full fledged?

At VPS Malaysia, you can deploy your VPS in under 30 seconds. If you have any difficulties with your VPS, our professional customer support team is ready to help you 24/7, anytime, anywhere.

And here’s the biggest perk for you- 30 days risk-free VPS! What does it mean? You get to try our VPS, and if you are unsatisfied with the performance, we guarantee to give all your money back in 30 days. Try one of our VPS hosting plans today!

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26 Feb 2019

Why You Should Run MetaTrader 4 (MT4) on a Forex VPS

Running MT4 on a Forex VPS has several major benefits, including 24/7 access to internet and power supply, 24/7 access to professional customer support, and access to your MT4 accounts anytime, anywhere.

In this article, you will learn:
1. What is MT4?
2. What could possibly happen when running MT4 without a Forex VPS?
3. What is a Forex VPS?
4. Why run MT4 on a Forex VPS?

1. What is MT4?

MT4 is a major Forex trading platform most traders use. It’s easy, it’s friendly, and most important, you make real money while you’re on it. MT4 hosts a plethora of functions- from real-time chart and indicator updates, to hosting your most reliable and trusted Forex EAs, to copy trading, to performing withdrawals and deposits. These functions require traders to run their MT4 24/5. Except on Saturdays and Sundays, when the banks are closed.

2. What could possibly happen when running MT4 without a Forex VPS?

MT4 is the place where all money making trades come true. Whether you’re a professional who trades with exceptional knowledge and prediction, a trader who relies on the accurate prediction of a Forex EA, or a beginner who copy trades a trader. MT4 is the place where all of these happen. It only makes sense that you run your MT4 24/5, because the Forex is a world that never sleeps. At every week , day, hour, minute and second, trades happen globally. According to the Bank for International Settlements, foreign-exchange trading increased to an average of $5.3 trillion a day in 2014.

But, unfortunate incidents could happen. The moment you’re offline, away from MT4 and out of action, you could potentially lose hundreds or even millions of profits. What could happen, you might ask.

Possibility 1: Computer failure, Internet failure & electricity outage

Imagine that as you sit down in front of your computer, and you’re all set to make the best trading decision today, after getting in touch with various sources of the market sentiment. You’re super confident, that today, the market will be bullish. You try to turn your computer on, but the computer just doesn’t start! There goes your profits… This is just one of the many examples of unfortunate incidents that could cause you to lose profits. There are many more, such as internet failure. No matter how many times you tried signing into your MT4, you just cannot get in! Or electricity outage. Obviously neither your internet, nor your computer works at this point.

Possibility 2: Computer wear and tear 

Over the long run, running MT4 on your personal computer is not the best choice of action. Computers need rest so that it cools down after running loads of applications for a period of usage. Letting your computer run 24/5 is most likely to induce wear and tear much faster, therefore shortening its lifespan. Technical experts from empowerit.com.au suggests that, a computer has an average lifespan of 3 years, while a laptop spans on average for 2-3 years. Empowerit also further explains the types of wear and tear could happen to the internal components. Before you even know it, your computer doesn’t run as smooth as new. Then one day, it just wouldn’t switch on anymore. The only choice you have left is to let it go, and purchase a brand new computer as a replacement. By then, you’re thinning your wallets by putting on more costs, as you watch the profits from your Forex trading go down the drain.

Possibility 3: Electricity cost increment

Apart from the costs of having to replace your computer more frequently due to its quickly relinquished lifespan, there are also added costs involved in running your internet and computer on electricity 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. MT4 is a real-time Forex trading platform. That means, all the charts and updated in real-time, by the seconds. This feature creates a lot of usage on CPU and RAM. A computer that runs 24/5 on tremendous CPU and RAM performance requires a significant amount of electricity. Electricity to power your computer, on top of electricity to power your internet modem, would total up to a significant increment in your electricity bill every month. Although you might be profiting off Forex, your expensive electricity bill is chipping on your profit.

Is there a solution to lessen all these added costs? Of course. Have You Heard of Forex VPS?

3. What is a Forex VPS?

A Forex VPS is a Virtual Private Server (VPS), which is a computer hosted in a special server room. Forex VPS is dedicated to running MT4 24/7. The hardware specifications are specially tuned to optimize to its best performance to allow smooth trading on MT4 using Forex VPS, especially so for traders trading with EAs. Our Forex VPS is very easy to setup and navigate. You can set up up to 200 MT4 with our Forex VPS plan in just 30 seconds with VPS Malaysia.

4. Why run MT4 on a Forex VPS?

Forex VPS is your best choice to run one or many MT4 accounts. Having a Forex VPS is like having a computer dedicated to only your Forex trading needs. There are many benefits to subscribe to a Forex VPS.

Benefit 1: Trade Anytime, Anywhere

When you subscribe to our Forex VPS, you’ll receive an email with a simple walkthrough that guides you on how to set up your Forex VPS and your Remote Windows Desktop. The Remote Windows Desktop allows you to sign in to your MT4 accounts from any electronic devices. You can trade using your computer, your laptop, your tablet, and even using your smartphone. If you are a professional Forex trader, this feature is going to be super useful, especially when you leave home for vacations or you are on a business notice. Just search for “Remote Desktop” on Google Play or Apple Play Store and install any RDP software you can find. Here are the top 5 RDP softwares for android recommended by androidauthority. Our Forex Plans give you the flexibility to trade across multiple electronic devices. You can trade anywhere, at anytime. 

Benefit 2: Power Security and Internet Uptime

Forex VPS are small, but powerful computers hosted in a special server room. These computers are connected to electricity and internet 24/7/365. Running MT4 on a Forex VPS is especially useful for traders who copy trade, and traders who trade using EAs. EAs run algorithmic trading using computer based algorithmic software. To put simply, if you are an expert Forex trader with many years of trading experience and market knowledge, you can programme a robot to trade just like you by inserting lines of commands that teaches the EA your trading knowledge. Since an EA is always up and running, it is a smart choice to run your MT4 on a Forex VPS. That way, you’ll be trading all day, all night, even if you’re not in front of your computer all the time! You just have to sit back, relax and let the EA generate profits. But, if you are not careful enough to select a Forex VPS that can handle the amount of your EA’s workloads, you are still bound to face losses. We have a simple guide that can help you choose the best Forex VPS plan for your Forex EAs.

Benefit 3: Worry-Free Trading

There is of course, the option to power all your MT4 accounts on your personal computer and home internet network. Well, if your trading profit is tremendous, it doesn’t hurt to pay for a little electricity bill, right? Although paying bills might not be your biggest worry and enemy, technical problems could drive you crazy. Managing a VPS is not for everyone. VPS management requires an adequate amount of technical knowledge about servers. While you might be confident about your skills at Google searching for an answer, consider the amount of time you would lose trying to fix or troubleshoot a technical problem. Then, consider the amount of profits you could have generated over that time. Is it really worth the headache, and the loss? You could have just rented a piece of equipment, and let the expert do its job at managing servers. All these only for the price of less than RM3 a day!

Here you can learn how to choose a high-performing Forex VPS worthy of your investment in under 5 minutes.

Experience our 30-day Forex VPS trial without any risk. If you’re unsatisfied with our service, you can have all your money back within 30 days.

Start here, by choosing a Forex VPS plan that best suit your needs.

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18 Dec 2018

5 Reasons Enterprises Should Get A Dedicated Server

One of the most important asset to small-medium enterprises is a dedicated server. Think of a dedicated server as an extremely powerful computer that can host many uses and applications. Here are the top 5 reasons why SMEs should invest in a dedicated server for a long-term growth.


1) Improving Website Performance

Websites are part of a necessary tool of branding and marketing for all types of businesses. Having a dedicated server for your business websites improves the website performance, especially loading speed and stability. This means higher visitor retention because they will not be shun away by slow website loading speed. According to Akamai, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you could be losing near to half of your visitors. That’s a considerably huge amount of loss in conversion and profit. In this amazing article put together by HubSpot, it explains how page load time affects conversion rate using 12 case studies.


2) Cost Effective Solution for Your Business

Having a dedicated server is a great investment for enterprises, because 1) all the server resources are reserved only for the use of your company, and 2) keeping your data highly secured because no one else is sharing the same server space. Getting these perks come at a price. However, comparing a dedicated server to a cloud server with both having the same server specifications, a dedicated server is a more affordable solution for your enterprise in a long run.


3) Keeping Communication Channels Private 

Websites often integrate many forms of communication channels, such as email, chat room or chat bots. When a message is sent across the Internet, there is a window for interception, making these messages an easy target to be stolen. With a dedicated server, you can encrypt your company messages and keep them private. You can also regulate how your server network devices receive and send messages. This is useful if you own a business, and don’t want your employees using work emails for personal matters. When sending emails through Gmail, for example, your email file must not exceed the limit of 25MB. However, with your own server, you can send heavy files attached to an email without any limitation.


4) Keeping Important Data Secure

Data is an expensive form of resource for all types of companies. So we cannot stand to lose these important company assets. Your company data is highly secure with a dedicated server because the use of server space and resource is solely for you. No other users are sharing the server space and resource. So no one else can enter the server space without your permission. Thus the chance of cyber attacks breaching your server and hacking your data is minimal. Use your company dedicated server to backup all your data to avoid the risk of technical failure, human error or natural disaster.


5) Flexible Application and Usage

A dedicated server offers your company a flexible amount of space to host a myriad of applications. Other than hosting a website, a dedicated server also has other uses, such as storing your files and data, hosting a VPN to secure your data, hosting multiple communication channels, and many more.



As your company grows and expands, having a dedicated server is a great tool. It keeps your company data highly secured, decreases the chances of data loss, keeps your company communication channels private, and improves the performance of your company website. You can get all these amazing benefits at a very affordable rate of less than RM15/day. Read our in-depth guide here to help you better understand and pick out the most suitable dedicated server for your company.  

If you have any questions or troubles with setting up or configuring your dedicated server, get in touch with our professional customer support team. We are more than happy to assist you anytime, anywhere.  


We guarantee to provide you high-end dedicated servers with the best price at less than RM15/day.

Instantly setup your dedicated server with topnotch hardware specifications under 30 minutes today!


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13 Dec 2018

The Only Guide You Need On How to Choose The Best Dedicated Server

As companies move towards the digital platform to cater to an ever-growing market and prospects on the Internet, a dedicated server is what every companies must have to grow their businesses online. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn and understand what factors contribute to choosing the best dedicated server for you and your company.


1) What Is A Dedicated Server?
2) Who Needs A Dedicated Server?
3) 4 Features You Must Look For In A Dedicated Server
4) 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Dedicated Server


1) What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is renting an exclusive use and service of a computer housed in a strategic data center from a web hosting company. This exclusivity means that, you have your very own physical server which caters only to your hosting needs. A dedicated server is unlike a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a shared hosting, that requires you to share the same server with other users. The advantages of having your own dedicated server are: 1) higher bandwidth with faster upload and download speed, 2) highly secured data, 3) protection against cyber attacks and malware invasions, 4) flexible scalability and customization at any time and day, 5) complete use of server resources catering only to your company, and 6) high-end server performance.


2) Who Needs A Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server caters to all kinds of businesses, especially small to medium enterprises (SMEs). As companies expand, it is advisable to relocate to a dedicated server. This means your company has the ability to host applications and software in your website, highly secured company data, and your web visitors will less likely to be frustrated (resulting in a lower bounce rate) because your website can now load at a faster speed. Some hosting companies also provide 24/7 fully-managed dedicated server. The hosting company takes care of server maintenance, and is ready to deploy their customer support team at any time or day to help configure your problems or upgrade your server. 


3) 4 Features You Must Look For In A Dedicated Server

To choose a dedicated server that best suits your needs, you must understand your hosting requirements. That way, you can save a lot of costs by avoiding the negative cycle of subscribing to a lesser package that doesn’t cater up to your needs. Here are the 4 features you must understand before making a purchase.


Feature 1: Server Specifications

Processing Power

Nowadays, most websites would require the services of specialized applications, such as a video player or a customer live chat. Go for hosting companies that offer servers with high-end processors like Xeon or dual Xeon. Don’t opt in for less just because the servers are priced at a lower end. You want to prioritize customer satisfaction. And that means working applications on your website.



After knowing the monthly traffic to your website, it is time to decide on the bandwidth. Google Analytics can help determine the amount of traffic your website gets on a monthly basis. If your website is not linked to Google Analytics yet, follow this simple guide prepared by Google on how you can setup Google Analytics for your website. Websites that get high traffic volume should go for more bandwidth. You should also go for high bandwidth servers, if you website loads high definition galleries and/or stream videos.


Memory (RAM)

Memory dictates server efficiency and the loading speed of your website. Running an e-commerce website requires more memory space, because your product listing expands every time you upload new products. In general, more RAM gives your website a boosted loading speed.



There are two kinds of storage: 1) HDD, and 2) SSD. There are several differences between HDD and SSD. In general, SSD is more expensive compared to HDD. But with a higher price, SSD comes with higher functionality, such as faster read and write speed (it means faster file transfer), lower chances of failure and information loss due to the absence of moving parts. Read our guide about server storage: HDD vs SSD, so you can learn more about the differences between HDD and SSD. You should also go for hosting companies that offer RAID technology, which uses multiple disks to avoid data loss due to hardware failure, improve overall server performance and increase server storage capacity.


Operating System (OS)  

Choosing between Windows or Linux  should depend on the type of applications you want to run on your company server. We’ll get into the type of applications that run on Windows and Linux in the next point.



To host MS SQL, ASP.NET or Microsoft IIS, you need a Windows Dedicated Server. Go for a Linux Dedicated Server, if you want to use LAMP or MEAN, or any applications that do not require a Microsoft license


Feature 2: Data Center Standards

Your website is a funnel where sales conversions happen. Downtime can lead to profit loss. Always make sure that your server is up and running 24/7. Research where the servers are located at using Data Center Map. By picking servers located at a strategic location ensures that your website is accessible at most times. All our servers are hosted in a world class, tier-3 CX2 Data Center in Cyberjaya. With this, you’ll be guaranteed 99.98% uptime when you subscribe to our hosting services.


Feature 3: Security

Before choosing a dedicated server in Malaysia, you need to ask the customer support team questions related to access to data, building protection against fire hazards, data security and privacy, DDoS protection against cyber attacks and malware, etc. Having a 24/7 customer support team is another big plus that you should consider before renting a dedicated server.


Feature 4: Requirement Analysis

Renting a dedicated server comes at a high cost, and you want to make sure that the server fits your requirement. The web hosting market is highly competitive. How can you find a web hosting company that fits your needs? You must first find out and analyze what are your needs and requirements. Ask these 5 critical questions that will give you the best insights into how to choose the best dedicated server for you.


Question 1: How much traffic does my website get in a month?

The rule of thumb is: the bigger the traffic volume, the bigger bandwidth and RAM you should go for.


Question 2: Does my website have applications that consume high resources?

If your website has applications, such as a video player, a high definition gallery to load, or a live chat support, then you should go for a server with high computing power. Best to go with Xenon or Dual Xenon servers, so you can upload multimedia files at any creative expense.


Question 3: Do your preferred applications run on a Windows or a Linux OS?

To host MS SQL, ASP.NET or Microsoft IIS, you need a Windows Dedicated Server. Go for a Linux Dedicated Server, if you want to use LAMP or MEAN, or any applications that do not require a Microsoft license. We’ve put together a full table of comparison between Windows and Linux below.

CostFree of costExpensive
Open sourceYesNo
SecurityMore secureVulnerable to viruses and malware attacks.
BootingEither primary or logical partition.Only primary partition.
Separation of the directories usingBack slashForward slash
File namesCase sensitiveCase insensitive
File systemEXT2, EXT3, EXT4, Reisers FS, XFS and JFSFAT, FAT32, NTFS and ReFS
Type of kernel usedMonolithic kernelMicrokernel
EfficiencyEffective running efficiencyLower than Linux
Question 4: How much money are you planning to invest in a server?

A dedicated server is relatively expensive compared to a virtual private server. But, a dedicated server offers more functionality and security, compared to other a VPS or a shared hosting. A good hosting company should offer a flexible dedicated hosting services, along with 24/7 live customer support, so that business owners can upgrade and expand their servers at any time. It is also a sign of good hosting company if they can offer you flexible payment options (monthly, quarterly or annually).

Question 5: Is the customer support team helpful?

Most hosting companies have a dedicated customer support team, but only handful offers a 24/7 live customer support chat service. Get in touch with their customer support team to get a wholesome experience. Ask about the guaranteed uptime. Notice how swift they respond. How long do they take to solve queries?

Also take time to research and read user reviews about the web hosting company. Genuine user reviews can tell you a lot of things, including how good is their customer support services, how fast can the team solve a problem, and if there’s any hidden charges.


4) 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Dedicated Server


Reason 1: Overall better performance

A dedicated server reserves all the computing resources exclusively to your needs and usage only. This means getting an overall better server performance in terms of speed, security and storage.


Reason 2: Cost-effective

At first glance, a dedicated server appears to be more expensive than other server options (shared hosting and VPS). However with the same specifications, a cloud server is priced at a higher end compared to a dedicated server. But in the long run, a dedicated server has the highest best-for-value investment, especially for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). It saves you the troubles and costs of upgrades as you expand and scale your server to cater to a higher traffic volume. Go for a long-term investment. 


Reason 3: Scalability and Upgradeable Hardware

The best part of having a dedicated server is customization. You can customize all the hardware to fit your needs. Whether it’s adding more RAM, giving it a boost of computing power, or increasing your storage capacity. Call our 24/7 professional customer support team for an upgrade anytime, anywhere.


Reason 4: Flexibility

Servers have many different applications. Ranging from hosting websites, setting up multiple email accounts, data storage, or running a test for an app, a dedicated server can offer you the maximum range of usage flexibility.


Reason 5: Enhanced Security

Shared hosting, VPS and cloud hosting house multiple users in the same physical server. This increases the risk of data loss, malware infiltration, cyber attacks and interception. But, a dedicated server is reserved solely for you. It keeps your company data highly private and tightly secured. Understand the differences between 4 web hostings (shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting) using one of our guides.



Luck is not a factor, when it comes to choosing the best dedicated server that fits your needs. Avoid making the mistakes of falling for high prices. Price doesn’t necessarily justify the quality of a hosting company. Do your research and planning well, so that your investment pays off in the long run. Experiment with hosting companies that offer 30-days-money-back guarantee or a trial (even if they only offer a trial with VPS, shared hosting or cloud). That way you’ll find out for yourself if the hosting company (that promises 99.98% uptime) is one that you will stick around with.

If you have any questions or troubles with setting up or configuring your dedicated server, get in touch with our professional customer support team. We are more than happy to assist you anytime, anywhere.  

We guarantee to provide you high-end dedicated servers with the best price at less than RM15/day.
Instantly setup your dedicated server with topnotch hardware specifications running in less than 30 minutes today! 

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20 Nov 2018

6 Common Uses of a VPS (Virtual Private Server)

What Are The Uses of A VPS?

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS), and what are the uses of a VPS? First, we have to understand what is a Virtual Machine (VM). A VM is like a computer, it uses physical resources such as CPU, RAM, disk space to create a virtual computer space. Think of it like a room in a room scenario where you can, run a virtual copy of Windows from a physical computer that’s also running Windows. Data centers are full of servers, where each server is running several VMs. These VMs then are rented out to users, and when this happens the VM becomes a VPS. Technically, nothing has changed but only the terminology.


Don’t confuse Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with Virtual Private Networks (VPN). VPNs use secure private connections that take place over a public network to simulate a private network. A VPS can be used to facilitate a VPN, but otherwise the two aren’t directly related in any meaningful way.

VPS and Competitors

The main competitors to VPS hosting are dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

  • Dedicated hosting
    Renting the whole server space. They are more expensive but powerful. For large websites and applications.
  • Shared hosting
    Sharing the server space. Cheaper but less flexible. For small websites and applications.
  • VPS hosting
    Cheaper than dedicated hosting and more powerful than shared hosting.

VPS hosting is often seen as a transitional option for website owners who have outgrown shared hosting but aren’t big enough to need a dedicated server.

Uses of VPS

What are the uses of a VPS? Think of it as a remote computer. Anything that you can do on a computer, you can do with a VPS. This means you won’t be limited to just web hosting, though most virtual servers are used to host active websites.

One major bonus of using a VPS is the sandbox security. If you mess up a virtual server, it won’t harm the physical server’s operation because everything is running in a virtual sandbox. The VPS can be rebooted or reinstalled without much issue except maybe for lost data (so always keep backups). On a dedicated host, a mistake could cause permanent damage.

  1. Running A Website
    This is the most common and popular use. Since virtual private servers provide more resources for your website like CPU, RAM, etc. than shared hosting, you’ll find that your website feels more responsive. Plus, with full control over the virtual server, you can install and remove software as you like rather than being stuck with what the host offers.
  2. Hosting A Server
    Or if you’re looking more towards professional uses, you could use a VPS for hosting files and other media. Basically, anything that runs as a server can be run on a VPS.
  3. Hosting A Gaming Server
    Have you ever thought of running your own game server for your favourite multiplayer games? Well you can do that too.
  4. Testing New Environments
    Since dedicated hosting is expensive, virtual servers can be used as testing grounds for server setups that aren’t ready to go live.
  5. Seeding Torrents
    Also known as a seedbox, you can use a virtual server only for torrenting. If you torrent frequently, migrating the effort to a remote VPS not only frees up a lot of home bandwidth, but it also allows you to torrent 24/7.
  6. Private Backups
    It’s cheaper to use cloud-based storage, but if you’re already using a VPS for some other reason and you have leftover space, you might as well think of it as free file storage for documents and important files.

How Can You Pick a Reliable VPS Provider?

As a start, a VPS is definitely more worth it compared to shared hosting or dedicated hosting in terms of the power of its physical resources (RAM, CPU, storage, etc) and its flexibility (having root access to your very own VPS). The uses of a VPS vary, and it really depends on your own intentions of usage. It could be hosting a game server, a website, as a private backup, to test new codes, and many more. Now that you’re clearer about what you might want to use a VPS for, check out our blog post on how you can choose the most reliable VPS provider.

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30 Oct 2018

Know Your VPS Storage: HDD vs SSD

Know your VPS Storage: HDD vs SSD

When it comes to choosing the right storage type for your VPS server, why is the consideration between an HDD VPS storage or a SSD VPS storage a crucial one? Both are storage units but are they very different? In this article we will make the comparisons to show you the differences for you to make the best choice when it comes to choosing your VPS storage.


Hard Disk Drive (HDD) VPS Server

What are Hard Disk Drives(HDDs)? HDDs uses magnetism to store data on a rotating platter. The faster the platter spins, the faster an HDD can  read/write data. A head floats above the spinning platter reading and writing data. There are multiple moving parts and the performance of HDDs rely on these parts. The chances of failure caused by physical damage and shock increase the risk of losing information. Because HDDs rely on a mechanical system, they have limitations when it comes to speed as well.

Servers with HDD VPS storage are also termed as Non-SSD VPS servers in the industry. The advantage of HDD VPS servers over SSD VPS servers is that they are cheaper and can be an option to store vast amounts of data at a lesser cost. When it comes to cost for space, HDD VPS takes the cake.


Solid State Drive (SSD) VPS Server

What are Solid State Drivers(SSDs)? SSDs are basically upsized and advanced versions of the humble USB memory stick. Just like a memory stick, there are no moving parts to an SSD. A typical SSD uses what is called NAND-based flash memory and it is a non-volatile type of memory. What that means is that you can turn off the disk and it won’t “forget” what was stored on it. Without mechanical parts, the chance of failure is close to zero. Physical damage and shock would not affect the SSD thus reducing the risk of information loss.

When it comes to Servers with SSD VPS storage, SSDs will guarantee faster read and write speeds as well as lower CPU power consumption. The only concern with SSDs is that they cost more for space. But SSDs are on the whole much faster, stable, and extremely energy-efficient. Unlike traditional systems with moving parts, the risk of physical damage and shock are also reduced to near zero.


HDD or SSD: It’s Your Pick!

Between HDD VPS storage and SSD VPS storage, the best choice is the one that works best for you. If you are looking for more storage space for a less cost, then HDD VPS storage would be a better choice for you. But if you are looking for performance, reliability, speed and stability then SSD VPS storage would be a better choice. The only drawback is the cost for space that you will need to invest in. Overall the advantages of each type of VPS servers are clear and the choice of VPS servers that you make should suit what you are looking for.

For an in depth guide, check out our post at how to choose the most reliable VPS provider.

At VPS Malaysia, we aim to provide the best hosting experience to you. Our servers are built with SSDs the likes of Kingston, Samsung, and Crucial. Reliable and high performing, these SSDs allow faster performance and let all our VPS run smoothly.

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29 Sep 2018

How to Change the Password for Remote Desktop

Access your computer remotely using the Windows Remote Desktop. Remote Desktop allows you to access a remote computer using your Windows user name and password. The only criteria is that you must have permission to access the remote computer. Change the password for a Remote Desktop connection at any time by changing your log-on credentials for Windows. Use Remote Desktop to troubleshoot a remote computer or access files from a home or office computer on the go.

Access computers remotely with Remote Desktop.

Step 1

Select “Start” or the start globe. Choose “Control Panel,” select “User Accounts,”


Step 2

Select the account you want to change the password


Step 3

Select “Change the password”


Step 4

Type your current password and type your new password, select “Change password” to continue.

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29 Sep 2018

How many MT4 Terminals can I run on my VPS?

A few things below will effect how many MT4 terminals your VPS allow you to run:

  • The amount of symbols you received from the data.
  • The amount of charts you run on each MT4
  • The amount of indicators on each chart
  • The amount of EAs on each MT4
  • The amount of open trades your EAs concurrently manage on average
  • The CPU intensivity for your EA’s or indicators

Depend on each clients overall configuration, a conservative guideline is 2-4 MT4 terminals (with a handful of charts) per CPU core.

Make sure to not overload your VPS CPU usage and leave CPU open for a very active market sessions which have higher CPU demands.

You should allow your MT4 terminals to run more by optimizing the performance. Always search for support if you need help in optimizing your VPS MT4 terminals.

Forex VPS PlanRecommended number of MT4 terminalsDirect links
Lite VPS1-2 MT4 terminalsOrder Lite VPS
Basic VPS3-4 MT4 terminalsOrder Basic VPS
Advanced VPS4-5 MT4 terminalsOrder Custom VPS
Custom VPS (2+ vCPU / 3+ GB RAM)5-8 MT4 terminalsOrder Custom VPS
Dedicated Serverup to 32 MT4 terminalsOrder Dedicated Server

Run each MT4 on a VPS as “lean” as possible and run only exactly what is needed only.

Is is recommended to hide symbols that you know for sure you will no trade to save memory and cpu usage.

You can monitor the VPS CPU usage by opening Window Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC). It is also recommended to maintain your CPU usage below 80% to allow resource for usage spikes.

It is very crucial to monitor VPS Memory (RAM) when you have a VPS by opening  Window Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC). Under the Performance tab, make sure the “Available” and “Free” fields is not running lower than 150Mb. Do request an update with our support to inquire more memory for your VPS.

Windows Task Manager (2008):

Windows Task Manager (2012):

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29 Sep 2018

How do I connect to my Window server via RDP?

This tutorial will guide you using RDP from different operating systems to connect to your Window VPS or dedicated server at VPS Malaysia.

Below will be what we will covered.

Desktop operating systems connections:

  • WindowsOS (e.g. Windows 7, 8, 10) RDP connections to your Window VPS or Dedicated Server
  • MacintoshOS (e.g. Apple MacBook) RDP connections to your Window VPS or Dedicated Server

Mobile devices connections:

  • Android based systems (e.g. Samsung Galaxy) RDP connections to your Window VPS or Dedicated Server
  • iOS based systems (e.g. Apple iPhone) RDP connections to your Window VPS or Dedicated Server

WindowsOS – RDP connections

  • For Windows 7: Go to “Start icon” from the taskbar and search for “Remote Desktop Connection”
  • For Windows 8/10: Go to “Windows icon” from the taskbar and search for “Remote Desktop Connection”

The RDP window should show up as follows:

You are now able to connect to your server using IP address  (e.g. “xx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5633“). Select “Connect” after you type in the IP address and wait for the RDP session to connect shortly after.

Or you can select “Show Options” to bring out more settings, you will be able to adjust options like screen resolution or audio settings etc.


  • Screen resolution can be adjusted by using the slider under “Display Configuration”
  • To enable your audio signal on your local PC: Select “Settings” under “Remote Audio“, then tick “Play on this computer“.
  • To enable your server to use your local printer: Please tick the “Printer” option under the “Local devices and resources” section.
  • Shortcut for Copy (CTRL + C) and Paste (CTRL +V) is enabled by default, it can be disabled by un-tick “Clipboard“.

MacOS – RDP connections

To be able to connect from MacOS based systems (e.g. Apple MacBook), you need to download the RDP client from the download URL below:


Start RDP client by entering the server’s IP address or the hostname in the “Domain” field.

Always use the latest RDP client version, to ensured that there is no connection issues.

Android-base Systems – RDP connections

To connect from Google-Android-based systems (e.g. Samsung Galaxy), you need to download the RDP client from the download URL below:


iOS-base Systems – RDP connections

To connect from iOS-based system (e.g. Apple iPhone), you need to download the RDP client from the download URL below:


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21 Sep 2018

What Is Web Hosting? 4 Types Of Web Hosting You Must Know

What Is Web Hosting?

There are 4 types of web hosting in today’s market. A web hosting, or web hosting service provider, offers the technologies and services required to host a website. These websites are hosted on a mother computer, called servers. In today’s market, small, medium to large businesses benefit from the services of web hosting in terms of expanding their network of clients. The Internet is a useful virtual environment that allows businesses to reach both local and international customers. On top of that, it is generally easier to close a sale on your own business website compared to your business Facebook Page, due to the less amount of distractions available on a website. With the cPanel feature you get from web hosting, your business can prompt more sales (e.g. when launching a new product) to existing clients using newsletter marketing.

1.0 Shared Hosting
2.0 Dedicated Hosting
3.0 VPS Hosting
4.0 Cloud Hosting
5.0 How To Pick A Server That Best Suit Your Needs?

4 Types of Server Hosting

There are several types of server hosting, typically in the forms of shared hosting, dedicated server, virtual private server and cloud server. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages from the aspects of specifications and pricing. And, to choose the one that best fit your business or personal needs, you must first understand the pros and cons of each types of server hosting. Let’s get down to knowledge!


1.0 Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting service, where multiple users or websites are located on ONE web server, while sharing the same server resources. Imagine living in an apartment. There are multiple, separate residential units located in ONE building. However, all these residences would share common apartment facilities, such as the swimming pool, gym, badminton court, etc. Users of a shared hosting have their websites hosted on the same server, and they also share the same server specifications and resources, including CPU, RAM, memory, disk space.

The advantages of shared hosting is it’s ease of use. Shared hosting are usually managed by the server company, and so users do not need to worry about security, upgrades and maintenance.

The disadvantages of shared hosting however, is a lack of server control and performance. Users generally have no root access to the server. If the server is down, all the websites hosted on the same server would share the same downtime, that generally translates to the loss of profits. As we always say, don’t put all the eggs in the same basket. Shared hosting is also difficult to scale, since the resources are shared. Say for example, if you wish to have a new gym equipment in the common gym room, you’d have to go through several rounds of discussion with everyone else in the apartment building, which takes too much time and effort. Data security is also not guaranteed. When one website is infested with viruses or invaded by hackers, the rest of the websites would be affected too.


Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting

2.0 Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting, or dedicated server, is a type of web hosting service that rents out an entire server to a client. You will not be sharing the server with anyone else. It is like living in your own house. You don’t have to share the property with anyone. And you have full rights and access to the server resources. You are free to configure the hosting environment to the exact specifications that suit your needs and wishes.

The upside of dedicated hosting is rather obvious. You have access to superior performance. Of course the performance aspect would still depend largely on the specifications of the server. However, because you’re not sharing the server resources with anyone, websites hosted on your dedicated server would run faster and smoother. Naturally, your data is more secure since no one else have access to your dedicated server. On top of that, a reliable web hosting provider offers a quick and easy problem-solving through a professional 24/7 customer support team.

The downside of having a dedicated server is that it requires you to have a certain degree of technical knowledge in terms of maintaining a server. So, a dedicated server is not at all recommended to a beginner. A dedicated server is also one of the most costly option among all server hosting.


Pros and Cons of Dedicated Hosting

3.0 VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is a virtual environment that runs on its own Operating System (OS), typically on Linux or Windows. Unlike a dedicated server that operates fully on one mother computer, the mother computer of a VPS is divided into multiple compartments. Think of living in a low-density condominium. Although these compartments share the same server, the server specifications and resources are allocated individually and separately for each compartment. Hence this makes VPS a more affordable solution compared to a dedicated server.

The pros of a VPS hosting is that users still have access to great server performance, despite a more affordable price. It also offers more data security compared to shared hosting. Plus, users get individual access to root server and the freedom to customize your own VPS.

However, this freedom of a self-managed VPS comes with a con. That is, you would need a certain degree of technical knowledge in order to configure the server. It could be rather difficult for a beginner who just started learning. But, some server hosting companies offer managed VPS, so you wouldn’t have to worry about managing or maintaining the server.


Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting

4.0 Cloud Hosting

A cloud server is a type of web hosting service that is built, hosted and delivered through a cloud computing technology. Cloud servers have similar capabilities and functionality compared to a typical server, but cloud servers are accessed remotely from a cloud service provider. Think of renting a room from AirBnB. You rent the property for individual use. And you may be sharing property resources with the rest of the tenants. But unlike shared hosting, cloud hosting is built on more servers, hence you have the access to more server resources.

The benefits of cloud hosting is its great reliability. Not to say that cloud computing never breaks down, but malfunctions rarely happen. Cloud hosting is also extremely scalable and flexible. You can upgrade your server specifications to expand your use at anytime and anywhere you wish, since it can be accessed remotely. Cloud computing is not expensive at all. With the rapid technology development and a competitive market, cloud servers are not only getting more reliable, it is also becoming more affordable for commercial uses.

The only drawback of cloud hosting is that you would need advanced knowledge in server hosting in order to setup. However, at VPS Malaysia, we strive to provide you a convenient cloud hosting solution. It would only take you less than 5 minutes to set up your server without any prior technical knowledge. Just follow the step-by-step instructions on how to access your VPS provided by our welcome email upon completing your purchase.


Pros and Cons of Cloud Hosting

5.0 How To Pick A Server That Best Suit Your Needs?

Whether you’re running an e-commerce business, or you’re a service provider, a website is a necessity in today’s market. A website engages your business audience in immersive story telling, shows off your portfolio, showcases your services/products offered, and generates profits from closing sales. So, having a website is definitely a must. But how do you pick the type of web hosting that best suit your needs?

  • Shared hosting is best suited for blogs and personal sites, that showcase your artistic designs or fashion styles.
  • VPS hosting is best suited for small to medium enterprises, whose website expects a certain amount of visitor’s traffic. VPS is also suitable for Forex traders who trade using Electronic Advisors (EAs).
  • Dedicated hosting is best suited for large businesses that expect high level of data security, as well as a huge amount of visitor’s traffic to the website.
  • Cloud hosting is great for any businesses. With the advanced technology and a competitive market, you generally don’t have to worry about having no technical knowledge about server hosting. A reliable web hosting service provider offers you the solution of having a convenient cloud hosting experience.


At VPS Malaysia, we never oversell our cloud VPS. We don’t boast our reputation.

If you’re not convinced, here, sign up for a 30-days trial.

If you’re unsatisfied with our services, you can get ALL your money back in 30 days.

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14 Sep 2018

Guide To Choose The Most Reliable VPS Hosting For You

It can be a tough decision to make when it comes to choosing the best VPS hosting. After all, we all want to look for a reliable VPS hosting for a long-term solution, just as we all want a trustworthy and reliable friend when moving into a new apartment. Here is a simple walk through that will guide you into choosing the best VPS hosting you can invest in long-term.


1) What Is A Virtual Private Server (VPS)?
2) What are the uses and benefits of having a VPS?
3) 7 Factors You Must Consider Before Buying A VPS
3.1) Where is Your VPS Hosting Located At?
3.2) Find Easy Solutions with 24/7 Customer Support
4) What Is A Good Price?


1) What Is A Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is a virtual environment that runs on its own Operating System (OS), typically on Linux or Windows. Unlike a dedicated server that operates fully on one mother computer, the mother computer of a VPS is divided into multiple compartments. Although these compartments share the same server, the resources are allocated individually and separately for each compartment. Hence this makes VPS a more affordable solution compared to a dedicated server.


2) What Are The Uses And Benefits Of Having A VPS?

Having a VPS has multiple uses. The most popular ones include, hosting a website, hosting a game server, hosting Forex Electronic Advisors, and running multiple MT4 accounts with Forex trading.

Running these functions on a personal computer takes up a lot of computing resources and requires a lot of electricity. Especially if the function requires uninterrupted internet connection 24/7. On top of that, a home internet network does not promise uninterrupted connection, nor smooth, stable connection. By having a reliable VPS hosting solution, you are guaranteed the following:

  1. A great amount of saving on electricity consumption
  2. Uninterrupted Internet connection 24/7
  3. Stable and reliable Internet connection 24/7
  4. 9% uptime
  5. Secured data
  6. Ease of scalability
  7. Quick and easy problem-solving with 24/7 customer support

These are of utmost importance to you, if you are a Forex trader, whose profits and loss depends entirely on how smooth and fast you can trade on the trading platform.


3) 7 Factors You Must Consider Before Buying a VPS

Let’s get familiar with some technical terms to widen your VPS vocabulary knowledge bank before settling on the best VPS hosting.


Random Access Memory, or in short RAM, is a form of computer data storage that allows data to be read or written in a similar amount of time, regardless of the where the data is located inside the memory. The bigger the RAM, the faster the data is read or written, and hence the less time it takes to complete a task instruction.

VPS hostings typically offer 1GB RAM as a start, but it can go up to 8GB, depending on your personal use. It is important to look for a high performing RAM that gives you low latency when running complex calculations. Especially more so for Forex Traders who deploy Electronic Advisors (EAs) on your trading platform.


Central Processing Unit, for short CPU, is an electronic circuit board inside a computer, that carries out a computer program instruction, by performing basic algorithms. In short, a CPU performs the task of turning programming instructional inputs into operational outputs.

Look for a VPS hosting that offers a CPU with great performance. There are many options to research and choose from. However, considering the balance of price and performance, VPS Malaysia uses E5-2680, with 8 cores and 16 threads, that runs on a 2.7 GHz processor. It is significantly better than the 2.5GHz E502640. The most optimum performance for a server uses two physical CPUs for every server. Thus our packages give you 16 cores and 32 threads for a smooth hosting experience.


There are two primary concerns when it comes to storage: disk space and the type of storage. The term disk space speaks for itself. It refers the the capacity or amount of storage you can have in your VPS. Typically, we find the disk space in a computer’s hard drive, but it can also come in the form of a USB drive or a memory card. Disk space is measured in megabytes (MB), gigabytes (GB) or terabytes (TB).

Next, let’s look at the type of storage. In today’s market, we are offered with two storage options: Solid State Drive (SSD) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD). There are pros and cons to both types of storage. Let’s sum them up for an easier read and understanding.

Solid State Drive (SSD)Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
Less power consumptionConsumes more power
Slightly more costlyLess costly
10-30 seconds bootup time30-40 seconds bootup time
No moving parts, hence no noiseAudience clicks and spinning from moving parts
No vibrations, due to the absence of moving partsMoving parts cause vibration
Little heat producedMore heat produced compared to SSD
200MB/s – 500 MB/s copy or write speed50MB/s – 120MB/s copy or write speed
File opening speed is 30% faster than HDDFile opening speed is slower than SSD

It is pretty obvious that SSD has winning advantages over HDD. Sticking to our values to provide you a high performance and smooth VPS hosting experience, VPS Malaysia uses SSD from trusted brands like that of Kingston, Samsung and Crucial. The most basic package offered gives you a good amount of story capacity up to 25GB, and is expandable up to 100GB if required.


Bandwidth is the amount of data transmitted over an Internet network in a fixed amount of time, typically measured in mega bytes per second (Mbps) or mega hertz per second (MHz) on a mobile carrier network. It can be seen on the notification panel of your smart phone device right beside your network carrier. When looking for the best VPS hosting, a bandwidth of 100Mbps is more than enough to perform different uses.


Uptime defines how reliable the system is, and is often expressed as the percentage of time a computer is available or has been working. Uptime is important when looking to invest in a VPS. Having a downtime would mean that, a website or an application, such as the MT4 Forex Trading platform is not running and is not available for access. Imagine having a heavy traffic to your e-commerce website. Having a downtime is bad news. You lose potential customers, thus losing profits, since they would not be able to view nor purchase products from an inaccessible website. Make sure to always choose a VPS hosting that pledges 99.9% uptime. Never settle for anything less.

Scalability & Upgrade

Scalability and upgrade, these two terms are exchangeable when talking about a VPS. They typically refer to the same thing, which is to simply expand VPS specifications. Normally we look to expand the RAM and/or the disk space. The best VPS hosting provides you the ease of scaling or upgrade your plan, or even to customize your plan, anytime you wish.

This is one of the more exclusive features that you get when signing up with a hosting provider. As individuals managing a VPS, you’d need more time to research and decide on the server specifications you wish to expand. Such as finding out which brands of storage is more reliable and recommended. However, with a VPS hosting, you can save up a lot of time for research and decision-making. You can simply make a request to the dedicated customer support group. And then you can just sit back and relax, while the provider deploys their tech support group to complete your request immediately.

vps malaysia windows vps packages

Here are the monthly Windows VPS packages offered by VPS Malaysia. Upgrade anytime you want.


3.1) Where is Your VPS Provider Located At?

This, is important. Why does it matter where your server is physically located at? You may ask. Yes, it does. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is recommended that you keep your servers close by. Not necessarily within the same city. But you should keep it in the same country. Google ranks take the geo-IP location of your server as one of the important factors. On top of that, the physical location of your server affects the number of hoops it takes for data to move around. The fewer hoops it uses, the faster your information is transmitted.

In Malaysia, the location to set up the fastest server is at CX2 Data Center in Cyberjaya. All servers of VPS Malaysia are set up in this data center.

vps malaysia cx2 server location in cyberjaya malaysia

CX2 Data Center in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.


3.2) Find Easy Solutions with 24/7 Customer Support

No matter how good the specifications of a VPS, technical problems will surface once in a blue moon. The best VPS hosting understands this technical complication well, and is more than happy to offer the added value of providing 24/7 customer support to assist their clients at solving their problems anytime, anywhere. If you opt out from having a professional customer service team, it will take up too much time and effort to diagnose and solve a technical problems. For the tech geeks, it may not seem like a problem at all. However, most of us would rather not to be burdened by these problems- our hands are already full of tasks to completed daily. Even if it costs slightly more, make the right choice to go with the best VPS hosting that gives you 24/7 customer support.


4) What is a Good Price?

Living in a capitalistic world, all businesses want the same thing- more profits, less spending. The best VPS hosting price must reflect 3 values: stable, reliable and affordable. We can be easily attracted by cheap offers. But, is cheap equal to good in long term? We see many providers that lure consumers into signing up for a free VPS, or a ridiculously cheap VPS. But, soon, they would find out that, the VPS they signed up is not promising at all! For example, the VPS would not run smoothly, there is a constant downtime, there are hidden fees and charges applied, and worst of all, being denied access to your server. Always remember the 3 values: stable, reliable and affordable.

vps malaysia choose a reliable vps provider

The main attractive features of VPS Malaysia.

We never oversell our VPS. We don’t boast our reputation. If you’re not convinced, here, sign up for a 30-days trial. If you’re unsatisfied with our services, you can get ALL your money back in 30 days.

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04 Sep 2018

How to Run ClamAV Antivirus Scan from cPanel

In this documentation, we can learn how to run ClamAV antivirus scan from cPanel.

1) Login to your website cPanel account.

2) Find the section ‘Advanced’.


3) Click on the icon ‘Virus Scanner’.


4) You will be brought to the page where you can scan your account.

* Please note that scans will automatically stop if they run for more than one day. *


5) Select the scan you want from the option and click the button ‘Scan Now’ to start.


6) You will be brought to the interface that shows the scanning status.


7) You will get the list of infected files in section ‘Infected Files’ once the scan is completed.


Following these procedures accordingly to run ClamAV scan from cPanel.

For further assistance, please kindly contact our support department. We will try our best to help you.

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22 Oct 2017

Choosing the right Forex VPS Plan for Forex Robot / EA

In the ever-expanding world of forex trading and confident continuous services Forex VPS was born. What is VPS, it’s a virtual private server. Which means you get a virtual machine or server for your own use. This guide gives you information about the basic of Forex VPS and choosing forex vps for your Expert Advisor.

A dedicated server is usually much more powerful than your average home or office system. It has a stronger core, larger RAM and a larger disk. It also sits in a server farm, a place where hundreds if not thousands of servers sit and are constantly maintained with a dedicated generator in case of power outages. A VPS is a dedicated server that has been set aside for many users, which means you own part of a server with other users. With a VPS You get full admin level access enabling you to upload any software.

Basically, a Virtual private server is part of a dedicated physical server. The only difference being is that a single dedicated physical server is usually too big and too expensive to buy for just one Forex trader, whilst many VPS may populate one DPS, so it’s a much cheaper option offering similar results. Although it’s cheaper compare to dedicated server, you will still need to find the best forex robot hosting provider as trading is a serious game.

Algorithmic Trading


Algorithmic trading is what moves the markets today, whilst many portfolios are manually run, 24/7 trading is performed by computer based algorithmic software, what we term an Expert Advisor (EA) or Forex Robot.

These robots run on trading platforms such as metatrader 4/5, ctrader etc. Choosing your trading platform is based on the type of trading you want to do, and choosing the EA or Robot is based on which platform you will use. It’s always best to compare robots and platforms against the type of trading you want, and then buy compatible options.

EA’s are algorithms that perform trading tasks that best suit your purposes. If you are not a trading or mathematical genius, then you must rely on the wisdom of a trading platform that offers you various EA’s. if you are an experienced trader but not a good programmer it might be worth your while employing a freelancer programmer to write you up a specific algorithm that suits your particular trading style. Remember, the EA performs trades based upon your presets. There are different EA’s for different trading styles, and if you don’t understand Forex trading you will not understand EA’s.

To put it simply, an EA is about moving averages, a moving average is how we smooth out trading positions over time and view the market. These smoothing curves are used to project possible future trends.

Forex trading can be about spot, options, futures and exchange traded funds. Each one is unique and each one has different algorithms (EA’s) for different trading styles.


Show me VPS Forex Plan

Why Choosing Forex VPS is Important?


Now, you’ve invested in a robot, but before you invest in a software, consider a platform you will need to keep it on. If you are a serious Forex trader that wants to keep your meta-trader platform operational 24/7 then a best forex robot hosting is your only real option. The Forex VPS is connected to an external server that is used to manage the connectivity making sure that the line won’t go down in case of electrical or computer issues and most traders opt for best forex robot hosting because it usually enables their robots to operate continuously.You invested a lot, its a hard decision while choosing forex vps provider.


Choosing Forex VPS Provider


Choosing Forex VPS provider is the key to success in operating a VPS Forex system. The main issues for a successful VPS hosting service is making sure they operate on the operating systems you are comfortable with, that means choosing a Windows or Linux based hosting plan. The second issue would be the VPS configuration, that means RAM, disk size, backup systems, date transfers and more. Finally, you need to choose between a dedicate Forex VPS hosting service or a VPS hosting service and you install the Forex software.

We suggest that unless you intend to be a dedicated Forex trading service, offering services to clients, you choose a Forex VPS service provider, since they have all the know-how and software in place and if you have any additional requirements its easier for them to understand your requirements. This usually gives the best hosting solution to most.

The final issue to deal with is price, this is based on your personal investment portfolio and what you want to get out of the service plan you choose. Don’t compromise price for a a good performance forex robot hosting.


Who we are


We are a leading of Forex VPS experts and Hosting experts, coming together and combining our knowledge and experience to create the world’s first and most powerful Dedicated Forex VPS platform (DFVPS), This means that your Forex VPS is a dedicated host for Forex trading. Check out Forex VPS Malaysia Review to know why we are the best forex robot hosting provider.


What we offer


Our combined experience has brought us together where we synthesize and evolved our knowledge base and now have a complete Forex VPS hosting solution, offering you a wide range of services ranging from secured hosting, dedicated Forex VPS and robot software that will allow you to enjoy life and relax whilst your system works for you.

Our services include choosing your VPS requirements, size, RAM power, CPU speed, your Forex bots. and your accessibility requirements. Do you desire assist or un-assisted administration? Do you need more or less app add-ons? Which specific type of trading are you interested in, or do you want a wide range of trading options. Do you require full anonymous or are you happy with fully disclosed? Where is the server situated, geographical location? How many cores does it have, what is the communications speed and speed? Is it MT4 optimized? EA optimized? What server OS does it use? We are here to help you.


Cloud VPS for Forex


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14 Oct 2017

Setup Multiple MT4 Accounts on One VPS (From 1 – 200 MT4)

You must be aware about using a single MT4 but what about setup multiple MT4 accounts on the single VPS. You can take it very hard but setup multiple MT4 on a single VPS is easy with this guide. As you install a single MT4, in the same way you can install 50-200 MT4 terminals or more. However, if you need to run 50 MT4, 100 MT4, and 200 MT4 or more, you will need a powerful dedicated server. Our Forex Dedicated Server will be able to support large amount of MT4.


Steps 1: Download MT4 From your Broker and Install

The MT4 program can be downloaded directly either from the MT4 web site or through any of the large number of forex brokers that offer the program.

With a VPS server with 1GB RAM, you will be able to run at least 4-6 platforms at the same time. However, you have to note that you need a powerful VPS with higher specification for setting up 50 MT4. VPS Malaysia can provide you Forex VPS up to 128GB of RAM and 32 Cores of CPU.


Steps 2: Setup Multiple MT4 (Go to next steps if you are lazy)

You just have to consider that when you install the 2nd, 3rd or any other terminals after the first MT4 installation, you need to change this location to a unique folder name that does not exist already. For instance, if the installation folder for the first MT4 installation is C:\Program Files\Metatrader 4\, the installation folder for other MT4 would be like this:

  • C:\Program Files\Metatrader 4 – 1\
  • C:\Program Files\Metatrader 4 – 2\
  • C:\Program Files\Metatrader 4 – 3\

You can give folders whatever name you want, just make sure that each name is unique and keep all installation files in different folders.

When you run MT4 installation it will give you an option to change installation destination folder. A dialog box will appear with the “settings,” “cancel,” and “next” option. Once you select “Yes, I agree…” box, “Settings” button will become accessible.

When you click the “settings” button you’ll be taken to a page where you can change the MT4 installation destination folder. You can add number at the end of the “program group” as well. By that way each installation will have its own shortcut created in the programs list.


Steps 2 (Quick): Copy and Paste Multiple MT4

If you have one MT4 terminal installed, you can simply duplicate folders using the copy/paste command and renaming each folder as your wish. You can even use the CTRL+C and CTRL+V commands on your keyboard.


Setup Multiple MT4 Copy MT4


Open the folder wherever your MT4 platform is installed and locate the MT4 installation folder. The name would be “MetaTrader4.” Now what you have to do is select that folder, press the shortcut key to copy and paste to duplicate that folder. Rename it to “MetaTrader4 – 1” and repeat the process until you have the required number of terminals.


Setup Multiple MT4 Rename MT4


Once you have duplicated your MT4 folders you should run each terminal individually and set it up accordingly. Run by double click the metatrader.exe(or any other .exe file) inside the folder.

Though, it is easy to setup multiple MT4 but it requires time and effort to learn the program’s intricacies. You can contact VPS Malaysia to get the expertise on customization of your server with the exact number of MT4 accounts you need. I would like to know the server requirement I need!

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05 Oct 2017

What Servers We (VPS Malaysia) Use?

Are you looking for More Power, Higher flexibility, and more stability? Well, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) is the way to go. It will allow you to install the software and configure almost every detail to your preference. It provides the same functionality and privacy as that of a dedicated server. A Virtual Private Server will provide you with super-user privileges (root or Administrator) in the operating system.

Don’t stop there!!

Quality, reliability, and efficiency?

We at VPS Malaysia happen to be what you need. Our systems and services are of high-quality, reliable and efficient in performance. We use the best hardware but ensuring you are not paying way too much. We also ensure your data are safe and performance is nothing but of top quality. If you want, we are more than happy to show our servers real pictures as well to verify our word.



Our servers contain an Intel Xeon processor E5-2680 which offers up to 8 CPU cores. This forms a basis for our guaranteed performance throughout the server’s life. Compared to Xeon E5-2640, E5-2680 offers up to 20% much better performance. E5-2680 also has higher Turbo clock speed of 2.7 GHz which is 8% higher compared to Xeon’s E5-2640, 2.5GHz. Significantly better pass mark score of 18,290 which is 24% higher when compared to E5-2640’s 14,772. Then we have the cores, E5-2680 has 8 cores compared to E5-2640 with 6 cores. A total of 2 more cores. This means that our CPUs will be able to handle more applications at once. Each of our servers comes with 2 units of E5-2680, hence it’s 16 cores and 32 threads.


SSD Disk

We also give you storage speed, how? SSDs (Solid State Drivers) instead of HDDs (Hard Disk Drivers). SSDs work at a greater efficiency level as compared to HDDs. They do not require power to ‘sign-up’ thus more flexible. They do not fragment data. Without data, fragmentation data retrieval is faster. Essentially with our SSD storage, you will be able to open, copy and write files almost twice the speed.


RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)

You will not have to worry about data loss or server downtime because we’ve got you. Our RAID and BBU have you covered. Our RAID 10 data storage schemes are the fastest, the best options for reliability capacity and performance. RAID 10 combines the features of RAID 1 + RAID 0 ensuring optimization for fault tolerance. RAID 10 offers faster data reads and writes than RAID 50 because it does not need to manage parity. RAID 10 is the fastest RAID. Compared to RAID 50 which is cheaper but slower. RAID 10 is the most expensive RAID configuration and is fastest.

Our RAID controllers do not lose the cache content in case of power failure since they copy the content of the cache onto the flash. It also provides access to the write-back cache, this one of the many benefits of our hardware’s RAID controller card. Due to this the application performance is improved by allowing usage for long periods of time while performing multiple tasks.



BBU is our Battery Backup Unit. With RAID cards, expect performance and consistency by more efficient operational scheduling. RAID cards have a write cache that can temporarily buffer data destined to be written to the disks. The BBU helps by keeping the write cache powered by a battery, even if there is a power outage. No data in the cache is lost during a power interruption. This means your data is well-protected even when we may experience issues within our systems. Our BBU is important for our RAID since it acts as a data fail-safe and thus can manage to keep the data intact.



The benefits from our RAM are: high capacity, high performance, low latency. We use at least 128 GB RAM on our VPS server host nodes. We ensure that we offer our customers the best of the best regarding quality and performance. This also means low voltage therefore low power consumption. We invest more initial cost for low power RAM, and this leads to lower power consumption, better prices and savings to our customers.


Dual PSU

With our Dual Power Supply Units, chances of complete server shutdown failure are completely minimized. Each of the power supply units has the ability to power the whole computer and only one run at a time. This ensures that your normal computer use is not interrupted. Redundant power supply is important in that in case one unit shutdowns, the other can support our systems. This decreases the risk of a complete shutdown or power failure which can be costly. Furthermore, there is need to keep our computers powered and our servers are running. We offer the Dual PSU to our clients because it is unavailable in home-based computers and has a higher performance than most redundant power supply units.

At VPS Malaysia we try our best to provide the best ad fastest server possible. From client satisfaction we guess we are succeeding in it as well. If you are interested then you are welcome to give us a try. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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30 Sep 2017

Why Forex VPS Should Be Your Number One Choice

Looking for Forex VPS? Compare Plan Now!

There is an assortment of choices available when it comes to products and platforms available for forex trading operations. However, if you need a reliable and a dedicated platform that operates smoothly without any interruptions, VPS should be your ideal choice. If you are wondering why forex VPS and what is the big deal about it, think again. Unlike ordinary products, a virtual private server can operate 24/7 even without any effort from your side. Also, it doesn’t matter where you are because through a potential VPS; you can log from anywhere in the world. Here’s all you need to know about VPS and why forex VPS matters so much!


How VPS Works?

VPS is ideal for forex traders who want to automate their trade to improve versatility. The copy of the operating system hosted by a virtual private server can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Here, you will be able to run automated algorithm strategies including an expert advisor on a virtual machine. A trusted VPS will come with great benefits like improved security and uninterrupted power supply. Some forex traders may question why forex VPS is important when there are so many other options available. But, the truth is that it outstands and overcomes all the drawbacks of the ordinary method used in forex trading.


Why Forex VPS is the Best

There are many advantages you gain from trading through a VPS than through your own computer. Firstly, it is the ability to trade anywhere because you don’t need to carry your computer around anymore. Forex VPS allows you to access all your data in seconds and requires only a network connection. Power failures are considered as the major drawback in automated systems as there’s a possibility to lose valuable data. But amazingly Forex VPS allows an uninterrupted operation even when the power goes out.

Another reason why forex VPS should be your number one choice is that it can function at any time of the day. So, you don’t have to stop trading while you are asleep because the virtual private server will do it for you. Here, you will be able to generate revenue constantly and effortlessly which is the ultimate aim of any businessman. Also, guaranteed optimum security is another advantage you will receive by selecting a good VPS. This will protect your sensitive data while you perform transactions conveniently.

The most important decision you should make in order to gain all these benefits is to select a trusted VPS service provider. The VPS platform of a reputed company will come with many impressive features. Such a server will help you to build a good mechanical system that is aware of the changes in the market even while you are at rest. Therefore, you don’t have to think twice on why forex VPS is good because it is the ultimate choice for a hassle-free forex trade. If you need the best VPS service provider that will grant the optimum benefits, look no further. You can purchase the best VPS for forex trading at an affordable price right here!

Ready to trade? Compare Forex VPS Hosting now!

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27 Sep 2017

Choosing a High-Performance Forex VPS Hardware

Compare Forex VPS Plan for your EA now!

As you must already know, virtual private server is a dedicated server that is capable of running a separate operating system, so that customers can install any software on that operating system. This is necessary because, as the name implies, a dedicated server offers speed, security, guaranteed network connectivity, as well as a reduced administration cost.

However, this hosting service is not only suitable for websites; it has been found to play a significant role also in FOREX trading. To make more profit in FOREX trading, you must have maximum uptime, guaranteed internet connection, high speed and enhanced security. These are exactly what the FOREX VPS offers.

FOREX VPS allows you to upload your EAs to it; and because virtual servers are dedicated servers, they give you the maximum uptime that you ordinarily would not have. Therefore, when you are not logged on to your trading account, the EAs continue to send trading orders to your broker. As a result, your expected profits remain in intact.

In addition to a maximum uptime, a FOREX VPS also offers other interesting features that will certainly improve your trading. These are minimal latency, increased speed, and extra security and much more, depending on the VPS provider you settle for. This means that before you subscribe to any VPS service, you must first consider the FOREX server hardware.


VPS Technology

VPS technology is the ultimate feature to consider in a FOREX VPS hardware. Usually, a virtual machine shares the system resources among the users on it. However, this could impede performance and speed. Therefore, this is not the kind of server you want for your FOREX trading.

In order to have the flawless performance and speed that you require, it is important to go for a server that uses a highly virtualized hardware and maximum system resources. Choose a server hardware that provides complete isolation from other VM and gives you a space of your own.

Speed and Bandwidth

This is another factor to consider before you settle for a FOREX VPS. You want your VPS to have as little latency as possible; because it is this criterion that determines the speed at which your trading decisions are executed. This is quite simple, the lower your VPS latency, the higher the working speed of your expert advisors.

A latency of 1 – 20 milliseconds is considered acceptable, but anything more than that is not recommended.

Memory and Back Up

A high-performance VPS hardware should also feature maximum resources and storage is one of those.

First, you have to consider how many brokers you want to run on the server before opting for a particular storage size. However, a good VPS hardware should offer at least the minimum memory for 3 brokers and reserve an opportunity for upgrade in the future.

Also, consider the backup plan of the provider. A highly optimized VPS should be able to back up data frequently, as well as restore these data rapidly when it is required.


Maximum uptime is an important feature of a FOREX VPS. As a matter fact, it could be the main reason why a FOREX trader should utilize a dedicated server in the first place. So, if a VPS hardware does not offer a maximum uptime, there is no need to opt for it.

For ultimate trade performance, it is always best to opt for a hardware that offers at least an uptime of 99.9% SLA. That way you are sure that your Expert Advisors are constantly connected to your broker, and are automatically executing trading orders.


One of the benefits of using a VPS for your FOREX trading is because of the added security that it has. Therefore, a good VPS hardware should be able to provide enhanced security to the trader.

Apart from protecting your trading information from hackers, a FOREX VPS should also be able to secure your data. After a backup, how secure is your data until when you need it?

Also, how secure is your data in the case of a system error or other inconveniences? A highly optimized hardware should use a RAID 10 technology because it offers a hardware level protection for your data.


There is no technology that is glitch-proof no matter how optimized it is. But, what can salvage the situation is a good customer support. Therefore, it is necessary to put into consideration the customer support of a VPS provider.

An efficient support should be able to answer all your questions, help with support at no additional cost and be available 24/7 to monitor the system.


VPS Malaysia is a leading FOREX VPS provider with data center located in Malaysia. We have a reputation of providing a high-performance cloud VPS hosting that is failsafe, affordable, fast and reliable. As a result, we have been able to attract several loyal customers who were satisfied enough to refer more customers to us.

VPS Malaysia uses only high-performance hardware such that our virtual servers are well-equipped with maximum system resources that encourage efficient FOREX trading and security. Our server hardware comes with powerful Central Processing Units and a large memory size. In addition, we offer Solid State Drives with fast data access; and of course an opportunity for upgrade when you require it.


  • RAID 10 Technology

  • Enhanced Security

  • Solid State Drive

  • Unlimited Users login

  • 99.9% uptime SLA

  • Multiple device access

  • 24/7 support and monitoring

  • 10 Mbps bandwidth

  • Low latency

High performance processor

VPS Malaysia’s hardware uses the Intel Xeon processor E5-2680. Our 8-core CPU has a processor base frequency of 2.7GHz, a Max turbo frequency of 3.5GHz, and a memory bandwidth of 51.2GB/s. Unlike the E5-2640 which has been popularized by other VPS providers, the E5-2680 clearly offers a higher performance and can do a better job of keeping your EAs running 24/7.

Strategic and Secured Data Centre

We have a world class data center located in Malaysia. As soon as you subscribe to host your trading robots on our virtual server, we quickly create a space for your data in our datacentre. Our datacentre features uninterrupted power supply, large storage volume, and optimum security.

We utilize RAID 10 technology which ensures that your data are secure and are written on multiple disks in case of unforeseen disk error. This is how it works: when you make data inputs, the RAID 10 technology allows the input to be mirrored on several disks. This means that unforeseen system errors cannot lead to loss of data as a result of this duplication. We also have an excellent backup system that is secured and reliable.

Furthermore, our hardware uses the Solid State Drives (SSD). Unlike the HDD, they offer a fast data access and a long-lasting storage integrity. This is certainly a feature you have to give top priority when it comes to forex VPS.

Redundant power supply

In addition, we provide 24/7 connectivity that ensures that your account runs round the clock. This is made possible by the redundant power supply our server is connected to. The unit is a combination of several power units that ensure that our 24/7 connectivity is failsafe. This means that if one unit fails to power the system at anytime, another will immediately rake over without any loss of data.

High performance virtual machine

We offer you complete hardware resources, and an entire server so that you do not have to share with other users. As a result, you will never experience any moment of freezing or slow performance. Our advanced hardware also features a tier 1 bandwidth and a high speed for maximum trade execution

RAM Capacity

VPS Malaysia offers various FOREX VPS plans that range from the standard plan with 1GB memory and 6 MT4 instances, to the professional plan that features a 4GB memory and 24 MT4 instances.

Not withstanding, you can easily upgrade from one plan to the other whenever you need more RAM size and MetaTrader. You may also customize your VPS plan to your needs.

24/7 Customer Support

One of the features VPS Malaysia has as a leading FOREX VPS provider is our 24/7 customer support. We always available to answer every question you may have and to help you with your setups. This means that you don’t even need to have any technological know-how to use our software. Just sit back, and let us do all the work.

And there is no need to worry about our systems failing. We are always around to monitor our server and to quickly fix any lapses that surface. We do this at no additional cost.

Check out Best Forex VPS Provider now!

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08 Sep 2017

How To Choose A Reliable Forex VPS Provider

Check out Best Forex VPS in Malaysia


In the past few years, virtualization has played a big role in the business and IT sectors, therefore, it is not a surprise that such advancement has also begun in FOREX trading. FOREX trading is an exchange that occurs online, and to earn as much as you desire, you must have a stable and fast connectivity that allows you to constantly monitor your FOREX trading. Given that you may not have a round-the-clock connectivity, or even if you had, you may not always be available to monitor the FOREX trend, a virtualized hosting suite has become necessary. In this article we will explain Forex VPS as well as how to choose a reliable forex vps provider.

Forex VPS, otherwise known as the Virtual Private Server is a hosting server that can be installed by a trader so that he can independently run his Expert Advisors (EA) from his home computer. Simply put, with the FOREX VPS, you don’t have to be constantly logged on. Whether there is a power outage, unstable internet connection or any other challenge that could have interrupted trading, the VPS ensures your EAs automatically continues trading even without you logging on to your trade station.

Therefore, if you are a professional FOREX trader, with a need for consistent market access, you can overcome unforeseen interruptions by deploying your EAs on a dedicated server that runs constantly and independently from your own computer.

This is how a FOREX VPS works: ordinarily, a trader’s computer is connected to the internet so that he is able to send trading orders to his broker’s server. But, this requires the trader to remain online all the time and it is possible only if you choose a reliable forex vps provider. While it may be possible for a trader to remain online monitoring his trading orders, he does not have control over unseen interruptions such as system errors, or even power outage. With the VPS, EAs can be uploaded that automatically send trading orders to the broker’s server 24/7, without any effort at all by the trader.

You must also understand that hosting the expert advisors on the VPS does not prevent you from monitoring trading orders when you are available.



You will agree that in FOREX trading strong connectivity to the trading platform is very important. For you to succeed, every second is vital. Therefore, the relevance of the VPS is quite obvious.

Firstly, the FOREX VPS ensures that your trading orders continue running if you go offline as a result of unseen circumstances. That way you don’t lose money and your account remains safe until you return.

Secondly, it helps you to gain more control over your computer. Instead of being on your computer 24/7 managing trading orders, the EAs uploaded on the VPS can do that instead. With a FOREX VPS, you can automatically optimize your FOREX trade without much effort.

Finally, a virtual hosting server that is independently run is necessary for an environment that requires maximum uptime. If your computer requires occasional rebooting, or you have an epileptic power supply, you will benefit from a server with a maximum uptime, such as the VPS. In addition, most VPS make FOREX trading very easy by allowing swift EA installation and easy access from any browser.



Although several VPS comes with many attractive features and several promises, there are still some vital features to check out before you decide to choose a reliable forex vps provider. These features are essential for enhanced trading performance.

Here are some vital features to look out for before you settle on a FOREX VPS.

  • A highly optimized hardware: before you go out and get a VPS, you must ensure that the virtual machine has an optimized technology that supports high-end performance. Your FOREX VPS should feature a high speed and a guaranteed uptime. This way, you will be able to make faster moves that you were not able to make before. The VPS should also facilitate profit making while still keeping your trading account secured. Learn everything you need to know about high-performance server hardware here.
  • Easy access: you should be able to connect to your VPS effortlessly no matter where you are or what device you are using. This is what makes the use of a virtually hosted server worthwhile. While it does the work in your absence, you should be able to easily log on as soon as a favorable opportunity surfaces.
  • Trading platform compatibility: a good VPS should be compatible to many trading platforms, especially if the platform supports automation. It is also important to ensure that EAs can be easily installed onto the virtual machine. One FOREX VPS that is compatible with all brokers’ platform is VPS Malaysia.



It can be a daunting task to choose a reliable forex vps provider if you do not know what exactly to consider. First, you must know the necessary criteria and then conduct a thorough research to ensure that your VPS provider offers a tech that is compatible to your device and will serve your needs.

Below are the tips to consider before you decide to choose a reliable forex vps provider.


This is clearly a good place to start. The price of a FOREX VPS ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, and all depend on the quality of the service and of course the storage available.

But, while an expensive VPS is preferred by most people, it doesn’t make the cheaper ones any less. What really matters is that the VPS has all the vital features such as security, easy access and maximum uptime. However, if you can afford to subscribe to an expensive VPS, make sure you are getting additional functionality.

Operating System

Most trading platforms do not run adequately on Linux, which makes Windows the most suitable operating system. For maximum performance, it is always necessary to settle for a Forex VPS that is appropriate for a Windows OS.

However, this does not mean that there are no servers that can run on several operating systems, but it is always best to identify before hand the OS that works smoothly with your platform before you subscribe to a server.

Web Host

You may opt for a specialist FOREX web host or a regular web host; but before you decide consider first what your needs are. While a regular web hosting company may offer better plans and overall support, a specialist FOREX web host has more experience and expertise in FOREX trading, expert advisors and EA installation.

If what you are looking for is a VPS provider that can offer FOREX related support, then you have to use a specialist web host; but if you are professional trader who already understands the details of FOREX trading, then you may opt for a regular web host with a broader plan and support. However, what matters most is the reputation of the provider.


This is also important. Before you choose a reliable forex vps provider, ensure that the configuration of the server is tailored to your needs. Some things to consider are; storage, data transfer, and backup protocols. If you also have other concerns apart from those listed, make sure the VPS provider can address those before you go ahead.



Does FOREX VPS improve trading efficiency? Well, yes it does.

Consider this, you have been in FOREX trading for a while, and your trading has become more sophisticated, obviously this is the time for you to make more profits. How then can you maintain your new status and continue to scale? It is by evolving technology-wise as well. You need a maximum computer uptime, more stability, no delays and an enhanced security. And you can get all these only if you choose a reliable forex vps provider.

A VPS helps you achieve exceptional scalability. You have maximum uptime and your EAs are constantly sending trading orders to your broker whether you are online or not. Again, VPS allows you to choose any location you want, giving you the opportunity to be closer to your broker. As a result you are able to conduct quicker and more effective trades that will go a long way in your growth and expansion.

Also, with VPS you have more stability. You don’t have to worry about your system crashing, or about poor connectivity. Whenever you are offline, your hosted EAs continue to execute and monitor your trading. You will also have access to an improved accessibility such that you can log on to your trading account with any device, from anywhere in the world. Now you do not have to worry about your FOREX trade as soon as you step away from your desk.

In addition, VPS also helps secure your trading account. As you begin to make more profit, you need more security than your computer can provide. A virtual server helps provide another layer of protection that makes your trading account less vulnerable to viruses and even hackers.


There are several trading platforms that are compatible with FOREX VPS, and these are mostly platforms that support automated trading strategies. Some trading platforms that support automated trading with expert advisors or FOREX robots are;

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • TradeStation
  • TradeStationII
  • Zulu Trade
  • Ninja Trader
  • Currenex
  • AxiTrader



Malaysia VPS is a leading Virtual Private Server provider that is here to ensure that you maintain impressive scalability in your FOREX trading.

You can get the best services when you choose us as your FOREX VPS provider, we offer affordable, fast and reliable FOREX virtual server hosting. We are dedicated to providing a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, a flexible configuration, an easy access and a 24/7 customer support that is only a call away.

Click here to Check out Reliable Forex VPS Provider now!

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29 Aug 2017

Best Robot Hosting Designed for Forex Trading

Forex and VPS. These are two terms I have been hearing in recent times. While finish reading this article, you will understand why we have the best robot hosting.

One deals with operations or trading in the international currency market, whose characteristic is the decentralization of its business.

Another is about working from a physical server partition, so each server has its own operating system. Its main feature is that the user using the VPS does it from a remote point, different from his current location.

Many people use a VPS for many purposes: create their website, have a VPN server, test applications and games, test advertising campaigns, and many other features.

As for Forex, this has taken a big boom in recent years, because its risks are minimal and its gains attractive. Its users have seen their patrimony grow with just one operation, either from a stock exchange site to the comfort of their homes. 


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For both that lines, VPS Malaysia is your solution


If you were looking for safe and high quality servers, VPS Malaysia had it ready for you. We have the best hardware of the latest technology, and the best thing is that you will not pay a premium for that.

The servers of VPS Malaysia (high-end) are considered the best for this type of online requirements. Clearly this is an advantage over other competitors, because you can be sure that you will not have problems with us.

Its specifications on CPU, SSD Disk, RAM, BBU and Dual PSU we are the first class. We will not be ripping you off with bad or dubious quality products.

We are flexible with users like you, who wish to configure their requirements tied to their preferences. On the other hand you can stay calm for you privacy and security with our servers (which are better than those of a dedicated server).

If you want you can take a look at our more technical server specifications, thus you will have a clearer idea in your mind about the services and features we offer. But we tell you in advance: we are cutting edge.


The best robot hosting and its implications


We know you’re wondering, what is a robot hosting? A robot hosting it allows a software to perform and execute trading operations on behalf of the user, in this case Forex, based on algorithms established by that user. That is, as long as the market remains in a situation that is not compatible with these algorithms, the robot will not act under that scheme; and when the algorithms are compatible with the market, it will perform the operations that have been assigned to run.

In this case a robot in Forex offers you a comfort and guarantee of good work, because a machine is much more efficient than the humans in terms of speed and precision. As we are immersed in this world of binary options, it is the best thing that you could have done to increase your profits.


Interested in the best robot hosting for Forex? In VPS Malaysia we have it for you


We have the best robot hosting. As the Forex business moves an approximate daily of around 5 trillion dollars. It’s no small thing, is it?

Imagine everything you could do with a robot that works for you 24 hours a day, and the best at a low cost. You could even setup multiple MT4 or robot with our Forex VPS.

Well, we are proud to say that VPS Malaysia has the best robot hosting for you and your needs. Our servers and success with our customers have clearly demonstrated this.

Our robot hosting will be very useful in the achievement of your plans and projects within Forex. With us you will be allying with a wide community that we already possess. Our services had obtained the best of the robot hosting of the market.

Visit our Cloud Forex VPS Hosting for what we offer, plan and pricing information.


Who we are and why you should choose us


At VPS Malaysia we pride on being a team of young and visionary people of this world. Our vision is framed in offering the best services and meeting the needs of the user.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of VPS services, so we know firsthand how to satisfy you in your requirements.

In addition we are always in a constant advance of our services as we are due to our clients. All this framed to provide the best experience with first line products.

Our products enjoy the highest reliability that a company of this caliber would like to have, with guarantee of functionality and security. Also, our data center is well guarded.

If this were not enough, we offer a referral system for affiliation to our services. For each person you refer to them you will get a 20% commission on the purchase of your services. No other company of this type offers as high a commission as we do. So you can start referring them now.


Do not hesitate and take the next step


In this changing world, those who do not innovate and change are destined to fail. That is why those who do not risk do not win. Get out and start working your way to success, as I did.

If you are hungry for success and you want to eat the world, in VPS Malaysia we will help you achieve it with them. Take action, try our services and you will not regret it.


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