How to Change the Password for Remote Desktop

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Access your computer remotely using the Windows Remote Desktop. Remote Desktop allows you to access a remote computer using your Windows user name and password. The only criteria is that you must have permission to access the remote computer. Change the password for a Remote Desktop connection at any time by changing your log-on credentials for Windows. Use Remote Desktop to troubleshoot a remote computer or access files from a home or office computer on the go.

Access computers remotely with Remote Desktop.

Step 1

Select “Start” or the start globe. Choose “Control Panel,” select “User Accounts,”

pw ss01 Remote Desktop

Step 2

Select the account you want to change the password

pw ss02 Remote Desktop

Step 3

Select “Change the password”

pw ss03 Remote Desktop

Step 4

Type your current password and type your new password, select “Change password” to continue.

pw ss04 Remote Desktop