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How to Make A gaming Website
How To Make A Gaming Website?
Do you know how many people are playing online games? Twitch, a well-known gaming platform, had a 50% increase in users’ hours spent watching other people play in only one month, from March to April 2020. This percentage increased to 101% after the year. Creating a game website might be...
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How to Transfer Web Hosting
How To Transfer Web Hosting?
Do you want to know how to transfer web hosting? Transferring websites is not difficult, but choosing the right option and the best procedure is the key. Web hosting services are considered the cornerstone of today’s digital world, with 1.8 billion websites globally. Website owners can transfer a site manually...
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How to Change Font Color In WordPress?
How to Change Font Color In WordPress?
WordPress was launched in 2003 and quickly became the most popular CMS worldwide, with over 861 million websites as of 2024 data.  “WordPress is one of the easiest open-source content management systems, which proved itself an essential platform for individuals without coding experience or want to build websites and blogs.”...
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SEO tips for E-commerce
#17 SEO Tips for E-commerce Sites
Introduction SEO for blogging is straightforward. But what about E-commerce SEO and search engine optimization for your online store? That is a whole other ballgame. You’ve got product and category pages to think about. Not to mention the added pressure of making sales to prove that SEO is something your...
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Exabytes vs VPS Malaysia
Exabytes vs VPS Malaysia: Choosing the Right Hosting
In today’s digital age, having an excellent online presence is critical for every organization. Whether you’re just starting or have been in the company for a long time, choosing the correct web hosting provider may significantly impact how well you do online. There are many options accessible, which might be...
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Forex Trading Strategies
#17 Best Forex Trading Strategies
Forex Trading is one of the most popular and significant markets worldwide, with a daily trading range increasing from $6.6 trillion to $7.6 Trillion. Due to its excellent Forex Trading profits, It is no wonder that a massive number of people are interested from time to time. Forexmarket is open...
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Minecraft Server Malaysia
Setting Up Your Own Minecraft Server Malaysia: Step-by-Step Guide
Setting up your own Minecraft server gives you a more personalized gaming experience with your buddies. While numerous servers are available, creating your own gives you control over the in-game world and infrastructure. Admin commands allow you to spawn objects, modify the time of day, and do various other things....
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Minecraft Java Edition
Minecraft Java Edition: A Comprehensive Overview
Introduction Discover the thrilling world of Minecraft’s Java Edition, where creativity has no limits! Have you ever wondered how it differs from the Bedrock version? Come with us as we discover the delights of Minecraft Java Edition.In this fast tour, we’ll outline the fundamentals and prepare for our journey into...
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KVM vs OpenVZ
KVM vs OpenVZ When choosing a reliable VPS solution, the question regularly arises, “KVM vs OpenVZ: which virtualization is better for me?” Although there are options like Hyper-V, Xen, and VMware, this dialog is specialized to distinguish between two common types: KVM vs OpenVZ. Features and Modules of OpenVZ  OpenVZ...
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cPanel Guide
cPanel Guide: Everything You Want To Know
If you’ve ever created a website using WordPress, you’ve probably heard of cPanel. But what is cPanel exactly? How do you find it? And how do you use its tools? Even though cPanel is mainly for technical users, understanding its basics can help anyone running a website.  You can solve...
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