Top Hosting Providers: VPS Malaysia VS Shinjiru, Exabyte, And Hostinger

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Top Hosting Providers: VPS Malaysia VS Shinjiru, Exabyte, And Hostinger

Do you want to know the best and top VPS hosting providers? VPS Hosting Providers promises hosting solutions for all kinds of businesses.

Today’s individuals benefit from improved website speed, greater flexibility, and increased security through VPS hosting. VPS servers are customizable, scalable, upgraded, or downgraded apartments according to your current needs.

Selecting the right VPS hosting provider is crucial for individual and business seekers who want to host websites and applications. Top brands like VPS Malaysia, Shinjiru, Exabyte, and Hostinger are available for VPS Hosting in Malaysia. 

This article will explore an in-depth comparison of VPS Malaysia VS Shinjiru, Exabyte, and Hostinger.

Understanding VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting
VPS Hosting

A virtual private server (VPS) is one machine that allows all the software to give secure, reliable, and best-performance cloud services. It has a good infrastructure for data analytics, cloud computing, and machine learning. 

The customer requires setting up a database while creating a web app and website to configure a web server and add their code. VPS is one type of virtual machine that is sold as a service from an internet hosting service.

In this case, the user receives a virtual machine with dedicated resources that deploys or configures their application or machine. VPS hosting ensures reliability, security, and consistent performance for their websites.

Types of VPS Hosting Plans:

Some common types that are usually offered by VPS Malaysia, Shinjiru, Exabyte, and Hostinger include:

  • Windows VPS 
  • Linux KVM VPS 
  • Forex VPS
  • Linux OpenVZ  VPS
  • C-Panel VPS
  • Minecraft VPS

Importance of VPS Hosting:

Importance of VPS Hosting
Importance of VPS Hosting

Some paramount importance of VPS hosting include:

It is an intelligent choice from your business point of view, independent from other physical terminals, and capable of handling failures. 

As web traffic increases, you can perform your task without any interruptions. Your website keeps your space independent. 

In this comprehensive guide, You will learn the answers to VPS Malaysia VS Shinjiru, Exabyte, and Hostinger.

Many factors in VPS Hosting play a vital role in ensuring the best User experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

VPS Hosting has exceptional benefits:

  1. It is faster and more reliable than other hostings.
  2. Top privacy in their features.
  3. Dedicated resources
  4. Scalability
  5. Isolation
  6. Root access
  7. Complete control over the environment.
  8. Files and databases are locked from other server individuals.
  9. You may get outstanding and beneficial root access to the server.
  10. Traffic surges and issues on other websites do not affect the VPS host site.
  11. Easy-upgrade scale services
  12. Manageable budget
  13. You can quickly up or downgrade your server without server resources like CPU, RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc.
  14. The memory and processing power are guaranteed.
  15. Minimal fluctuations in resources that are available.

Top Hosting Providers

NO#1. VPS Malaysia

VPS Malaysia Hosting Provider
VPS Malaysia Hosting Provider

VPS Malaysia is one of the top brands in Malaysia and is best known for its comprehensive VPS Hosting Services that appropriately meet everyone’s needs and budgets. 

While recognizing the significance of privacy, it prioritizes its anonymity by identifying strict regulations and policies. 

Its data protection measures ensure you are confidential and secure, fostering a trustworthy and reliable online environment. It has 99.9% guaranteed uptime, SSD storage, free backup, and restore services.


VPS Malaysia Service Features
VPS Malaysia Service Features

Infrastructure: VPS Malaysia is known for its best infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and hardware. They have various SSD-based devices with faster data access and improved capabilities compared to traditional HDD storage.

Low-cost: VPS Malaysia’s hosting price is manageable and reasonable compared to other VPS hosting services brands. In this way, it has become an accessible option for almost all businesses.

SSD Storage: It has high-speed SSD storage for the best data access.

Scalable Resources: Offers the best scalable resources to adjust RAM and CPU.

Root Access: In the VPS Malaysia hosting environment, you have full access to the roots and can scripts. Root access allows you to manage and adjust your environment precisely according to a business’s needs. They provide features like root access at a price equal to shared hosting, which is a great company.

24/7 Technical Support: The best highlight of VPS Malaysia is its round-the-clock technical support. They provide equal support to companies and individuals to solve their issues and queries.

Plans & Pricing:

Their pricing depends on the features and the specific plan, either upfront or monthly. It also depends on the server, bandwidth, storage capacity, and additional services. 

  1. You can save 44% on the Upfront Linux KVM VPS basic plan starting from RM15.9/Month and every month, the basic plan at RM28.9/Month.
VPS Malaysia Linux Plans
VPS Malaysia Linux Plans

Pay Upfront Save 44%

VPS Malaysia Linux KVM VPS Plans
VPS Malaysia Linux KVM VPS Plans

Monthly Basis

  1. Their upfront basic Window VPS plan pricing ranges start at RM 22.9/month or monthly basic at RM49.9/Month.
VPS Malaysia Window VPS Plans
VPS Malaysia Window VPS Plans

Pay Upfront Save 53%

VPS Malaysia Window VPS Plans
VPS Malaysia Window VPS Plans


  1. Their Standard Forex VPS plan starts from RM 31.9/Month.
VPS Malaysia Forex VPS Plans
VPS Malaysia Forex VPS Plans
  1. Save 55% on the Linux openVA VPS basic plan at RM12.9/Month or C-Panel VPS hosting basic plan at RM12.9/Month. 

You can choose your plans and pricing according to your needs and budget.

Ratings and Reviews:

VPS Malaysia has a 4.9-star rating and has exceptional importance in the VPS hosting industry. Their services are liked by customers very much.

Pros And Cons: 

There are some pros and cons to VPS Malaysia hosting.


The highlighted pros are:

  • High-performance infrastructure
  • Top SSD storage 
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Affordable price in the plan for startups
  • Multiple data storage locations
  • Tailored solutions
  • Customized options


  • Some plans of high pricing with high resources.

NO#2. Shinjiru

Shinjiru Technology SDN BHD
Shinjiru Technology SDN BHD

Shinjiru is also the VPS hosting provider brand. It was established in 1998. Its leading service includes web hosting but also offers solutions like shared hosting, dedicated servers, and VPS hosting.

It provides you with a solid commitment to offshore hosting options and security. 

For years, it gathered a reputation for VPS hosting and other services to ensure customer satisfaction. It offers 10 SSD storage, DDOS protection, and 99.9% uptime values.


Shinjiru Service Features
Shinjiru Service Features

It has comprehensive features to meet any business’s best and most diverse needs. From encryption protocol to advanced techniques and security measures, it provides design to ensure optimal performance security and seamless scalability.

Offshore Hosting: It offers a hosting solution to ensure privacy and data concerns. 

Robust Security: They prioritize the security of their users.

Technical Support: 

Shinjiru Customer Support
Shinjiru Customer Support

Their technical support allows users to solve questions and issues.

Plans And Pricing:

Their VPS basic plan starts at $11.90 monthly or varies according to your need for VPS standard at $16.90/month, pro at $24.90/month, and premium choices at $31.90/month.

Shinjiru Pricing Plans
Shinjiru Pricing Plans

Ratings & Reviews:

It has a  4.7 rating on the Hostadvice review platform and is liked by its reviewed customers.

Pros And Cons:

Some highlighted pros and cons are as follows:


  • The best and most intense focus is privacy and data security.
  • Offshore hosting options
  • Advanced anonymity
  • Customise security solutions for diverse needs


  • Operating system difficulty
  • Requires a great level of technical knowledge to understand.

NO#3. Exabyte


Exabyte VPS hosting is also one of the best options for unlimited flexibility for individuals to have. 

For years, they have used fantastic technology and features to assist their users worldwide. It is user-friendly and offers a range of call support resources like media tutorials, blogs, and knowledge bases.

It also offers complete hosting options, from dedicated to cloud hosting.


Exabyte Service Features
Exabyte Service Features

They have the best performance overall, offering a 100% reductant structure like SSD storage and top-speed Dell service like Intel CPU. They guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Scalability: It provides a scalable hosting solution to allow them to upgrade and downgrade their resources according to their needs quickly.

Easy-To-Use Control Panel: It provides an in-duty control panel that will enable users to manage their request instances easily without any hazards.

Plans & Pricing:

Its regular VPS hosting service costs $10.99 monthly. You can freely select your plane according to your feasibility and requirements.

 Even if you need any plan lower than this and want the minimum features, you can get one. It has 99.9% uptime values, which are present in its technology features.

Exabyte Plans & Pricing
Exabyte Plans & Pricing

Ratings And Reviews:

It has an overall 4.6 rating. Their services are liked by their customers.

Exabyte Rating
Exabyte Rating

Pros And Cons:

Some pros and cons of this are as follows:


  • Optimal reliability
  • Accommodate growth
  • Scalable solution


  • The average user should be aware of extra fees that usually come with add-on charges, such as somebody wanting to get domain privacy services offered by default.
  • Poor Customer Support

NO#4. Hostinger

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Hostinger is also one of the more prominent players in VPS hosting services than other top brands. It also provides rich hosting solutions throughout its VPS hosting services. 

They use the best software to quickly divide physical servers into many virtual servers without any worries or errors.

They have many users who have found good performance and environment.


Hostinger Service Features
Hostinger Service Features

They have good speed, security, and exceptional privacy features. 

Specifications: Their VPS hostings also have their best in gaming, streaming, and other demanding projects. Their fibre-connected infrastructure offers a 300 MB/s bandwidth speed for higher uptime and fast performance.

High Performance: It allows their users to manage their plans effectively.

Infrastructure And Contact Support: 

Hostinger Customer Support
Hostinger Customer Support

They provide top-notch Contact services and well-optimized infrastructure to contribute to excellent performance.

 They keep their best user experience.

Plan & Pricing:

It ranges from 25.99 RM to 83.88 RM plus monthly. You can switch from cheap hosting to the best one that fits your needs.

Hostinger Plans & Pricing
Hostinger Plans & Pricing

Rating and Reviews:

Hostinger rated 4.6 on the Trustpilot review platform. It also provides good services to its customers and VPS hosting users.

Hostinger Trustpilot Reviews
Hostinger Trustpilot Reviews

Pros And cons:

Some pros and cons include the following:


  • Best prices
  • Good infrastructure 
  • Good loading speed.


  • Limited customization options compared to other providers.
  • Entry-level plans have resource limitations and scalability restrictions for growing businesses with high resource demand.

VPS Malaysia VS Shinjiru, Exabyte, And Hostinger

A best-short comparison based on VPS Malaysia VS Shinjiru, Ecabyte, and Hostinger is here:

Scroll The Table Right To View The Details

PricesAffordable prices:
1. The Linux KVM VPN basic plan starts from RM 15.9/Month.  
2. Window VPS Plan: You can save 53% on a basic plan with RM 22.9/Month.
3. Forex VPS Hosting: Its standard plan starts from RM 31.9/Month.
Competitive prices start from RM 56.19. Budget-friendly plans start from RM 51.50.Cost-effective plans start from RM 25.99  per month. 
Uptime99.9% guaranteed99.9%99.9%99.9%
Loading speedsFast, reliable SSD space ensures quick data access in seconds loading speed. Loading speed of 14.09 s. Utilise server architecture with a speed of 4.6s.318ms -fast loading speed
Customer Support Quick 24/7 customer support Via chat, email, web chat, and phone.A dedicated team of professionals for new technology.Proactive support protocols on user queries.They optimized infrastructure to manage and solve problems.The support team responds through chats and emails.
BandwidthHigh bandwidth, usually 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps or higher, varies on plans for High data. Transformation.Usually 4 to 32TB.100MbpsSmooth bandwidth of 100Mbps.
ScalabilityFlexible scalability options allow users to upgrade and downgrade quickly according to their needs.Accommodate Customization extends to Scalability to adjust, add, or remove features.Limited scalability based on usage patternSeamless scalability with minimal downtime
Data center location:Top-rated data center location with the Cx2 data center in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, for better command.Offshore data centers are in private places like Malaysia and Singapore.Multiple data centers for global presence in the US, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.Good performance in Asia, Malaysia, Europe, North And South America, etc.
Security MeasuresAdvanced and outstanding security features like DDoS protection, firewall, and Regular backupsProvide privacy and security with remote access controlEncryption option for secure APIPotential limitations in customization.
FeaturesChoice of the operating system, easy control panel, customizable plan…..Allow 1GB free.Less latency, offshore hosting, and advanced threat detection.Automatically deploy once payment is received.Easy to use control panel, WAF against shared web
vCPU High-performance CPUs with multiple cores ranging from 1 core to 8 cores vary from plan to plan.Customizable 1+ Core CPU.Efficient CPU From 1vCPU to 24vCPUOptimal CPU From 1 Core To Higher
RAMSmooth tasking With the best RAM. It usually ranges from 1GB TO 8GB for different plans.Flexible RAM of 4GB+.Good RAM 0.5 GB TO 8 GBWorkable RAM 4GB – 32GB
Data Transfer2 TB TO 8 TB1 TB Usually 1- 4 TBUsually 1-6 TB To Higher
Hosting Providers Comparison

Why choose VPS Malaysia? Best VPS Hosting

It ensures websites or your application remain online and accessible with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Have the best CPU, RAM, and storage that scale your resources hassle-free. 

Advanced DDoS protection, firewalls, and regular backups make it the best and most loved brand for VPS Hosting in Malaysia. 

It also offers unique features:

  1. Low-cost access to the best team of professionals for a full-time management focus. Despite premium services, it maintains affordable pricing for everyone.
  2. Optimize your environment best for security…
  3. It implements industrial-best measurements and strategies.
  4. An advanced and proactive security protocol for online operations instills confidence in the users.
  5. It helped you to focus on web applications, ideally.
  6. Receive updated best practices.
  7. New technologies in VPS hosting
  8. VPS hosting can troubleshoot and fix common issues.
  9. Round clock support
  10. Best and most reliable payment methods


VPS hosting is a web hosting type that gives you access to guaranteed resources and a fully controlled environment without running your server. Choose the right VPS hosting provider depending on preference, individual budget, and specific requirements. 

VPS Malaysia VS Shinjiru, Exabyte, and Hostinger have their uniqueness and different segments in the market. By carefully choosing or evaluating many factors, including pricing, support, security, and scalability, one can choose the best and most reliable VPS hosting that meets their standards and needs. 

VPS Malaysia offers more security, privacy, data, support, and scalability than all top brands. So from top VPS Malaysia VS Shinjuri, Exabyte, and Hostinger, VPS Malaysia is the best and top-notch solution for websites wanting high traffic—heavy resources and e-commerce websites. It is the ideal solution for you.

Why not take a closer look at our VPS Hosting today? You won’t be disappointed.

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