18 Dec 2018

5 Reasons Enterprises Should Get A Dedicated Server

One of the most important asset to small-medium enterprises is a dedicated server. Think of a dedicated server as an extremely powerful computer that can host many uses and applications. Here are the top 5 reasons why SMEs should invest in a dedicated server for a long-term growth.


1) Improving Website Performance

Websites are part of a necessary tool of branding and marketing for all types of businesses. Having a dedicated server for your business websites improves the website performance, especially loading speed and stability. This means higher visitor retention because they will not be shun away by slow website loading speed. According to Akamai, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you could be losing near to half of your visitors. That’s a considerably huge amount of loss in conversion and profit. In this amazing article put together by HubSpot, it explains how page load time affects conversion rate using 12 case studies.


2) Cost Effective Solution for Your Business

Having a dedicated server is a great investment for enterprises, because 1) all the server resources are reserved only for the use of your company, and 2) keeping your data highly secured because no one else is sharing the same server space. Getting these perks come at a price. However, comparing a dedicated server to a cloud server with both having the same server specifications, a dedicated server is a more affordable solution for your enterprise in a long run.


3) Keeping Communication Channels Private 

Websites often integrate many forms of communication channels, such as email, chat room or chat bots. When a message is sent across the Internet, there is a window for interception, making these messages an easy target to be stolen. With a dedicated server, you can encrypt your company messages and keep them private. You can also regulate how your server network devices receive and send messages. This is useful if you own a business, and don’t want your employees using work emails for personal matters. When sending emails through Gmail, for example, your email file must not exceed the limit of 25MB. However, with your own server, you can send heavy files attached to an email without any limitation.


4) Keeping Important Data Secure

Data is an expensive form of resource for all types of companies. So we cannot stand to lose these important company assets. Your company data is highly secure with a dedicated server because the use of server space and resource is solely for you. No other users are sharing the server space and resource. So no one else can enter the server space without your permission. Thus the chance of cyber attacks breaching your server and hacking your data is minimal. Use your company dedicated server to backup all your data to avoid the risk of technical failure, human error or natural disaster.


5) Flexible Application and Usage

A dedicated server offers your company a flexible amount of space to host a myriad of applications. Other than hosting a website, a dedicated server also has other uses, such as storing your files and data, hosting a VPN to secure your data, hosting multiple communication channels, and many more.



As your company grows and expands, having a dedicated server is a great tool. It keeps your company data highly secured, decreases the chances of data loss, keeps your company communication channels private, and improves the performance of your company website. You can get all these amazing benefits at a very affordable rate of less than RM15/day. Read our in-depth guide here to help you better understand and pick out the most suitable dedicated server for your company.  

If you have any questions or troubles with setting up or configuring your dedicated server, get in touch with our professional customer support team. We are more than happy to assist you anytime, anywhere.  


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